MEINIAO Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Smart Screen Microphone Speaker MAX


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I love this karaoke mic! Connecting my phone via Bluetooth is a breeze, and the sound settings are great. It's super loud and perfect for girls' nights. Highly recommend!
I adore this mic!
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I've had several karaoke mics, and this one is my favorite! It's a bit heavy, but the sound is great and loud enough for a small room. The minimal echo, carrying case, easy charging, and excellent battery life make it perfect!
Vivi X
Vivi X
Highly Recommended
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My family loves this karaoke microphone and we have been using it at least five times during our BBQ parties. It's performance is very good.


Introducing the MEINIAO Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Smart Screen Microphone Speaker MAX, the ultimate choice for karaoke enthusiasts. This innovative device combines a wireless microphone and speaker with a smart screen display, offering a seamless karaoke experience.

The MEINIAO MAX features crystal-clear sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with your devices. Its built-in smart screen displays lyrics, enhancing your singing sessions. Whether hosting a party or enjoying solo performances, the MEINIAO Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Smart Screen Microphone Speaker MAX delivers unparalleled entertainment. Experience karaoke like never before with the MEINIAO MAX!


Basic parameters

Product Name MEINIAO Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Karaoke Smart Screen Audio Microphone  Speaker MAX
Product size 11.4*3.9*3in
OLED display 128*64px HD display
Power input DC_5V
Battery 4800mAh
Battery life 5-8h
Pickup element dynamic core
Operating voltage 3.7V
Directivity Supercardioid polarization
Sensitivity -52dB±(0dB=1V/pa at 1KHz)
Vocal frequency response 50Hz-16KHz
Music frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Vocal sampling rate 48KHz
Nominal impedance 600Ω
PROimum sound pressure level ≥125dB SPL( Harmonic Distortion ≤ 0.5% 1000Hz )
Output power Rated power: 2*8W;Peak power: 2*18W
Signal-to-noise ratio ≥85dB
DSP 32-bit professional audio processor
Bluetooth RISC dual-mode Bluetooth V5.3
Receiving frequency UHF Constant frequency
FM 87MHz-108MHz Fullrange
Audio interface 3.5mm
Power interface Type-C


Receiver parameters

Product name Charmbird five-channel digital receiver
Product specifications 1.4*3.7*0.4in
Receiving distance 0.5 in
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Receiving frequency UHF fixed frequency
Battery 350mAh lithium battery
Battery life 3h
Audio interface Type-C/OTG


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Built-in Seven Sound Cards

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone with Screen ——7 kinds of sound modes

1. Pop mode– Make sound light and loud

2. Professional mode – With bright clear and transparent sound

3. Ballad mode – With stronger mid-high bass and richer sound

4. KTV mode– With surround sound and rich reverb tuning

5. Auto tune mode– Through Improved pitch detection algorithm to make the high pitch more prominent

6. Monster sound mode – It is a good choice for some parties to use low and rich magnetic monster sound

7. Baby sound mode–It is the best choice for fun to make use of a Clear and high-pitched baby voice


Care Instructions

1. When the microphone is used up, it must be put into a plastic bag, because the plastic bag will isolate the floating dust and foam particles in the air in the display cabinet or storage cabinet, and prevent these substances from adhering to the condenser head of the microphone. When not using a microphone, be sure to wrap it in a plastic bag before placing it in the storage cabinet!

2. When recording vocals, be sure to use a blowout preventer. The anti spray cover can prevent the singer’s saliva from spraying onto the diaphragm and prevent the charged capacitor head from adsorbing dust in the air. If there is dirt on the capacitor head, it will affect high-frequency, cause discharge noise, and even completely damage the microphone.

3. To avoid damage to the capacitor head caused by explosive sound, the mouth and microphone should always be kept at least 6 inches apart.

4. Do not place the condenser microphone in a noisy area. Because capacitors are very sensitive instruments that respond to subtle changes in sound pressure, excessive sound pressure levels can damage the diaphragm of the capacitor head, similar to the principle that prolonged sound exposure can cause damage to your hearing.

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