MEINIAO Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Karaoke Microphone Speaker

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I love this karaoke mic! Connecting my phone via Bluetooth is a breeze, and the sound settings are great. It's super loud and perfect for girls' nights. Highly recommend!
I adore this mic!
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I've had several karaoke mics, and this one is my favorite! It's a bit heavy, but the sound is great and loud enough for a small room. The minimal echo, carrying case, easy charging, and excellent battery life make it perfect!
Vivi X
Vivi X
Highly Recommended
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My family loves this karaoke microphone and we have been using it at least five times during our BBQ parties. It's performance is very good.


Introducing the Mibird Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Karaoke Microphone Speaker, a must-have for karaoke lovers everywhere. This innovative device combines the functionality of a microphone and a speaker in one stylish package, allowing you to take your karaoke sessions to the next level. With its wireless Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect the Mibird Microphone Speaker to your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to all your favorite karaoke apps and songs. Sing along to your favorite music with crystal clear sound quality and enjoy the freedom of a handheld design. Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying some solo time, the Mibird Wireless Bluetooth Handheld Karaoke Microphone Speaker is the perfect companion for all your musical adventures.


Basic parameters

Certificate UL/CE
Product Specifications 10.3*3.5*2.7 inches
Operating Voltage 3.7 volts
Output Power 2*5W Maximum power 2*8W
Maximum sound pressure level 125dB(1kHz 0dB THD<1%)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >83dB
Bluetooth devices RISC dual-mode Bluetooth V5.0
Karaoke Mode Pop music, folk music, KTV, professional, auto-tune, baby voice, monster voice
Power interface Micro USB

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Seven built-in sound cards

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone with Screen – 7 Sound Modes

1. Popular mode: the sound is brisk and loud

2. Professional mode – bright, clear and transparent sound

3. Folk mode – stronger mid-high and low frequencies, richer sound quality

4. KTV mode – with surround sound and rich reverberation adjustment

5. Automatic tuning mode – through the improved pitch detection algorithm, make the high notes more prominent

6. Monster sound effect mode–For some parties, using the deep and magnetic monster sound effect is a good choice

7. Baby Sound Mode – Use clear and high-pitched baby sounds to be the best choice for entertainment


Care instructions

1. After using the microphone, be sure to put it in a plastic bag, because the plastic bag will isolate the dust and foam particles in the air in the display cabinet or storage cabinet, and prevent these substances from adhering to the capacitor head of the microphone. When the microphone is not in use, be sure to wrap it in a plastic bag before putting it in the storage cabinet!

2. When recording vocals, be sure to use a pop filter. The pop filter can prevent the singer’s saliva from spraying onto the diaphragm and prevent the charged capacitor head from absorbing dust in the air. If there is dirt on the capacitor head, it will affect the high frequency, cause discharge noise, and even completely damage the microphone.

3. To avoid damage to the condenser head due to explosive sound, the mouth and microphone should always be kept at least 6 inches apart.

4. Do not place condenser microphones in noisy places. Since capacitors are very sensitive instruments that react to slight changes in sound pressure, excessive sound pressure levels may damage the diaphragm of the condenser head, similar to the principle that prolonged exposure to sound can damage hearing.

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  1. Courtland J. Carpenter

    There are handheld self-contained mics like this for somewhat less, but you tend to get what you pay for. Many of those have poor speakers, scratchy sounds and limited connectivity. This one is made to work well with a smartphone or tablet, or another smart device using popular Karaoke apps, or videos like those found on YouTube. It contains a twin speaker with decent volume and special effects like echo or voice changing effects. While to me a lot of these get boring unless your group is pretty inebriated, Karaoke always seems to sound better with my voice when it has a touch of echo or reverb. Maybe level one or two.

  2. M. Rosario

    Bought it as a gift, my wife love it so much. make a lot of fun on my vacation!

    Image #1 from M. Rosario
  3. Angel

    Okay I don’t even know where to start. How about how loud this goes? Seriously if we’re in the house I have to keep the volume to a one or two it’s that loud which is a pro or a con however you want to look at it. The sound quality is amazing it’s not staticky or anything like that I was surprised by the quality of not only the sound but the material it’s made of as well as long as you take care of this, you’ll have this for a very long time. There are so many fun settings and the Bluetooth connectivity was painless I love being able to listen to music out of it as well so my kids can sing along with it. It comes with a super nice hard case for traveling and storage and the battery lasts a long time as well. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth mic for your kids or yourself, this is the one.

  4. LeaLearises

    So I lately I’ve seen people on the internet with these karaoke mics and figured why not! I’m hooked! This mic has many features to keep you on your toes. It’s lightweight with a very nice carrying case and accessories. I’m definitely using this in the car to belt out random tunes and have others in the car join in the fun.

  5. Vivi X

    My family loves this karaoke microphone and we have been using it at least five times during our BBQ parties. There is a small screen that shows the current status of the microphone ( such as ktv mode, bluetooth status, volume level). The buttons and screen are very user friendly and easy to understand. In addition, it is very easy to set up and connect to your devices (such as iphone or ipad) using bluetooth. There are few KTV modes we can use, and these bring more fun to the party.

    The quality of the microphone is very high and the sound is loud, and I think it is loud enough to use outdoors or in a large living room. You can adjust the music sounds and voices at the same time by using the volume adjustment button.

    Overall, I love this product! It’s worth the money!

    Image #1 from Vivi X
  6. Secretaria Jordan

    Love love love it
    Easy to use

    Image #1 from Secretaria Jordan
    Image #2 from Secretaria Jordan
    Image #3 from Secretaria Jordan
    Image #4 from Secretaria Jordan
    Video #1 from Secretaria Jordan
  7. AmentaBrian

    I have gone through like 8 different handheld karaoke mics from various sources and all of them have been horrible except this one.

    Video #1 from AmentaBrian
  8. Tiasha

    Super cute pink , comes in a case and easy to get started , this a all in one microphone 🎤 compact size doesn’t look ridiculous just the right size considering it has the speakers in it to, funny fun voice effects like monster and baby bound to be hours of fun for kids& or teens! But also professional quality enough for an adult who wants to take it on the go perhaps singing for change on a boardwalk 😝Great quality speaker you’ll be surprised just how loud it can get as well, just recommend getting it set up outside for the first time mime made a terrible high pitch noise the first time I turned it on but this was fixed by resetting and hadnt happened since..

  9. Pervez Danishyar

    Impressed with the carry case and the quality of this product.
    The directions are pretty bad just an FYI. There is absolutely nothing in the directions that tell you it has Bluetooth nor how to connect it. (Well, there is a picture of the icon, so there’s that.)
    I wish the directions were better so I knew how to use the functions better. There are four voice options but the details are poor at best. Again, this is all about the directions, not the product itself.
    Even though I would normally take a star off for this poor of directions, I didn’t because the quality of this microphone is just that good. My wife loves it and used it for about an hour earlier until she was done. Just a really nice microphone, good speakers, nice reverb if you want it.
    Overall, a good solid gift to give someone who doesn’t live in your house! If your spouse is a good singer, then buy one for them! It’s really a good microphone!
    Plus, I didn’t try this, but it has a duet mode which I believe audio from both mics come through if you have two mics. We don’t so we didn’t try that. Anyway, just thought I’d mention it.
    I hope this review was helpful!

  10. Emma Michael

    It gave me a big surprise. When I came home, I saw my package perfectly. The logistics were very fast and the packaging was perfect.

    Image #1 from Emma Michael
  11. Paris

    Works perfectly great quality

  12. MisterChris

    Yes it is better than the cheap models. We’ve bought several cheapies before so we know them well.

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