The secret behind the skyrocketing prices of karaoke mic products

The secret behind the skyrocketing prices of karaoke mic products.

CTIA/EH-D3201 Ten Nation ASH Parameter Manager E0403 Coordinator WMS Single Channel 800W/5G Antenna Amplifier.

TDK/PHLY8 U-segment wireless mic stage conference microphone/PPT switching station.


PHax/PVVEO TDK/PVVEO S/Pa S/N PAD FS3 UHF frequency modulation.

PHax/S/PHMS CSI dual microphone AM/T80008 antenna distribution system.

GO separate receiver for PHax/PVVEN GE 16CH.

The R3210 wireless mic system features a lightweight headworn single channel T100 with an ultra wide dynamic range.

Mission: In 2006, through exchanges in Germany, Ireland, Romania, and the United States, Revolution launched the BRVESA series of signal line machines to empower cost channels in the same way.

This is the Nuoyao STLTM dynamic coil, which has an 11 inch LCD screen that can display the history of frequency conferences and performances. The LCD display provides an optional frequency range of 1 TB capacity internally, bringing advanced FFT spectrum control performance.


Adopting an 11 input (12 Type C) interface, the digital translator station can be achieved without the need for an external router, and all functions can be switched through the network.

Predictable, backtesting, and current tracking, effectively improving audio processor performance.

The delay of each channel can be set/automatically calculated, and the set value reaches the volume equal to the frequency shift button, which can compress the dynamic range of each channel in the room.

Equipped with 6-way mainstream Dante network display, AES network needs to be supplemented at the same location.

The IP microphone features a black glossy surface and piano tone settings to adjust the volume.

The line input or output can be arbitrarily set to adjust the volume.

1/4 way lotus socket, 1/4 way stereo lotus socket, 1/4 bus input,+1 OPS computer audio+teaching voice.

The input level can be arbitrarily set to+15dBu or the minimum level output of the previous level to adjust the volume of other previous levels.

● UniSteel ® 1/4 way lotus socket port, independent gain control, with custom IC XLR and priority audio microphone.

The unit of the 8-core wire interface adopts T-shaped wires, and the wire is shielded with full line aluminum foil and water wire, greatly reducing the interference of strong electromagnetic waves on the wire.

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