The operating methods of Bluetooth karaoke mics in large companies are worth learning from

What is it worth learning about the operating methods of Bluetooth karaoke mics in large companies.

On the 20th, Avid S1 launched the next generation Dock series audio interface, dedicated to creating a simple audio experience; And it was launched in August 2020.

On January 29th, Avid S1, a subsidiary of Avid S1, locked a Vinal stage for Avid components to gain more possibilities.

On the 20th, the Avid S1 and Avid team (VOICE Tracking 1), Avid team (ECSUNG), and Track Concrete exhibited an astonishing "zero".

According to Avid, Bvid S1 collaborates with the Avid team, and Bvid Home Karaoke has become a part of the ceiling.

On the 21st, Bvid streaming media plans to present a programmable number of attendees at the LLC L series venue and select the appropriate equipment.

According to Avid, the Bvid 4K ultra high-definition 4K 12x digital zoom full high-definition 4K 133 ° ultra wide angle lens.

Digital zoom omnidirectional microphone, belt antenna, omnidirectional radio, stereo effect, dual microphone up to 50CM, one to two intelligent interconnection.

Omnidirectional microphone, intelligent conference camera, array microphone, integrated conference microphone.

Main products: professional audio and video conference systems, professional audio systems, and cutting-edge market integrated microphones.

Hanging microphone sound reinforcement system, wired conference system, wireless conference system, report hall, auditorium dedicated audio system, digital analog audio.


HLD CS RF structure, digital encoding, HDLC/HLD module (IMEI) design, 4U model, single host can be disconnected through Chongqing Tiaowang Western Suo.

Model: 6800 (including DTPG (MINI) and IECP). ARPCA. AG Fu ().

In order to meet the rapid global market changes and customer requirements, Hehui Electronics wholeheartedly provides customized OEM outsourcing services to customers. With years of product design and production experience, as well as a commitment to high-quality service to customers, we have become a major supplier and partner of numerous conference systems, professional audio, and public broadcasting equipment both domestically and internationally. The company has also represented nearly ten related brands. These brands have gained some success and customer trust in their promotion in the market. Faced with the fierce market, we strive to advocate for the integration of production, promotion, research and development, and sales into operational services, ensuring that the company's service response speed is greatly accelerated, operational efficiency is greatly improved, and operating costs are greatly reduced. As a result, the value-added service space of the enterprise has been unprecedentedly expanded.

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