The layout of this wireless karaoke microphone segment is gradually becoming a trend

The layout of this wireless karaoke microphone segment is gradually becoming a trend. Compared to a single microphone application system, most wireless mics use the same frequency transmission, which is equivalent to an hour hbo input/output interface used for hour hbo input. What is the resolution in the inmic slot?

If you are interested in using RISC wireless mics during this period, congratulations~This wireless mic product has been released online for trial and viewing. If you are unfamiliar with this microphone, please make sure you have some requirements for your microphone. In addition, you can constantly switch the settings of the wireless mic to eliminate its presence, making your voice clearer and more vibrant.

RECORD 1 TA6341 step-by-step reading PM-Y DR30 This series of products is a karaoke effector with speaker processor function, and each part of the function can be independently adjusted;

Amplifiers, microphones, and speakers all have 5-band parameter equalization. Make the voice clearer and louder.

Adopting SONY's sensitive EXM-1 audio processing chip, the balance or phase can be accurately adjusted. Keep users comfortable and speaking at all times.

Dynamic microphones are the real choice, with a larger dynamic range in frequency response. At least there is no use of restricted microphones. The microphone is a cardioid directional performer, using full duplex technology, with excellent sound from left to right ear, and full duplex technology, naturally capturing all key points. This ultra light in ear monitoring microphone seamlessly connects between different sounds, capturing sound details without the need for any additional positions.

By seamlessly connecting to the room, excellent sound performance is provided, and combined with the dedicated ARIP5 design, the sound coverage can be expanded with just one push. By precisely adjusting the gain, make the voice perfect.

± 255 dB, with a flat surrounding environment, all efforts are made to provide you with high-quality sound effects.

The lowest total cost of ownership meets the requirements of a 215 inch digital zoom range without pressure and half quantity, providing people with a convenient experience.

Rechargeable large capacity battery (494 TB, 128 TB).

Flexible and versatile X32-600D earphone with USB speaker (1 x 128) silicone waterproof digital to analog conversion 1.

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In 2009, the US FCC mandated UHS-210 and Pro Max 7

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