The layout of this Bluetooth karaoke mic segment is gradually becoming a trend

The layout of this Bluetooth karaoke mic segment is gradually becoming a trend.

The excellent audio quality of various black microphones, CPW903 efficient decontamination single chip solution, quality integrated touch screen heating expansion, touch screen color brushing.


Built in high fidelity 3W speakers for intercom or interactive explanations, with high audio quality and high efficiency, and clear and realistic vocals.

Support 4K high-definition decoding, output 4K participation mode, bandwidth adaptive input smooth support for ultra wide Ethernet local performance.

Equipped with built-in infrared light venue function, the conference system supports recording function, and the venue can be smoothly visible through a projector. It is recommended to cooperate with the camera control to send to the designated location.

The system can simultaneously connect 8 cameras to achieve automatic camera tracking function, with a longer tracking distance. It is equipped with 10 array microphone technology, which can achieve Tencent conferences, nail conferences, and sharing methods.

LDS893S is a desktop USB conference microphone that supports external high-definition video conference terminals and wireless transmission for cloud conferencing, teaching, and Haian.

A single server can achieve three screen live streaming of the conference system, with board function to prevent modification of the conference process.


Suitable for local conference communication and remote video conference applications, such as confidentiality and cooperation protocols, remote collaboration modes, etc. The high-definition video conference terminal provides 1080P full high-definition image acquisition, supports PoE, 32bit encoding and decoding.

MCU control protocol, in addition to setting, provides corresponding clients and clients (cloud video conferencing), and can also perform various asymmetric transfer actions from the chairman and deputy manager to the deputy manager at any time.

The cloud conference server Room offers private open end training every year, with an ID retention rate of up to 2000SM, and limits the analysis and analysis of the overall effectiveness of actual meetings.

The server supports scheduled meetings, and the Ape Tongqiao Wuhan University () "model acquisition.

● Free links to external video conferencing systems BH-307 and RK356644 management systems. How to utilize limited servers to obtain equipment management for hosting enterprise level video conferences; Software upgrade programs and hardware updates are available.

● Automatic shutdown function, the microphone that is turned on will automatically turn off within 45 seconds when it is not picked up (when the sound within the pickup range is below 50dB).

Comply with the international conference equipment electrical certification standard (IEC 60914) and international safety regulations UL or CE certification

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