The karaoke mic industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex in the coming years

The karaoke mic industry and other market situations will continue to be severe and complex in the coming years.

The latest ST-3700 from the BL-650 digital audio processor BL-650 is the SOUND BL-650 interface karaoke mic that highlights the BL-650 software. ST-650 interface karaoke mic,

● Channel selection function, with direct access to hot swapping, without the need for dedicated wiring.

The unique linear array design eliminates self-excitation caused by simulation system and embedded installation delay, and also ensures that the conversion process of BOM media, audio, and microphone is truly simple.

Ultra long pickup with 10M adaptive Ethernet and 1T data communication audio. Equipped with 6 functions specifically designed to occupy the environment when replacing the battery box, it can detect the battery temperature during 24 hours of battery use and add an active feedback function.

karaoke mic

Ultra far pickup and automatic shielding are adopted, which optimizes between innovative devices and signal processing functions, making it suitable for various occasions and electro-acoustic engineering applications.

Due to the circuit of the product, it usually has automatic head rotation, nozzle, bias voltage, and other pins, and can retrieve the audio code for automatic head rotation according to needs.

PREVIEW is a complete wired microphone. As a synonym for the product, its microphone is equipped with a built-in hinged input hole (in addition, it provides some space specifically for battery powered faults) to ensure its stability. It adopts a capacitive pickup, and the operation mode of holding down the spectrum core with this hinge is very simple. As long as the distorted speaker knob is installed in place, various wonderful sounds can be started.

Sony is a world-renowned audio manufacturer, and with advanced manufacturing technology and high-performance product quality, it has developed into a well-known brand in the professional audio field. Sony's design team provides various types of microphones: dynamic, capacitive, ribbon, directional, electret, and supercardioid

karaoke mic

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