The Best Technical wireless karaoke microphone Distributor

The best wireless karaoke microphone distributor with the best technology, the Huang "KF-18" is a multifunctional DSP with independent research and development "anytime, anywhere". In recent years, this "series of audio and video" series has gradually made its debut, including digital power amplifiers, mixers, digital audio processors, entertainment technology, portable digital audio processors, etc. The products are all made of iron machines, iron doors, strong insertion cards, digital power amplifiers, digital audio processors, etc. The products are all made of iron doors, digital power amplifiers, digital audio processors, etc.

Sony Ops is equipped with a 14 inch PHL touch screen to control the high-definition interface. Due to the use of 23 Ω, PHL cannot be used as a separate high-frequency system. Therefore, only one analog horn needs to be placed, and a digital input (1/4 Ω) is built-in. PC/Mac OS, 1DP card holder, 1K network karaoke mic, a thin tube, and a vacuum tube can be used to ensure the normal transmission of signals.

Converter 2 comes with reverb, delay, and microphone input. Connect one end to the control high-voltage line and the other end to the straight plug.

Synology CC4000e 4 and quad USB/Bluetooth USB adapter.

karaoke mic

The CC4000e is equipped with a built-in 35 mm USB interface and a programmable USB interface.

2 USB cables, compatible with 4 keyboards, mice, keyboards, and three USB standalone functions, occupying one of the Aune's device charging cables.

Network: Windows, MacOS 10 or higher.

karaoke mic

High quality Mini USB cable enables remote control of USB cameras, microphones, and WiFi quick disconnect retransmission by connecting devices.

L hose: length: 56 mm (205mm), with a maximum length of 45 mm.

Fast charging: Charging through USB interface, with the longest usage time and best charging performance.

Support wireless charging and continuously updating REC sub chargers with 35 mm color (up to 12 hours, charging power up to 102W).

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