Teach you to write the title of the wireless karaoke microphone product well

Teach you how to write the title of the wireless karaoke microphone product: LS-690 A speech microphone: LS-690 will be equipped with a fully automatic intelligent ID receiver.

CO-707B has two separate acoustic feedback groups using self-developed DSP chips, each channel with the same input strength and no interference with each other.

The CO-201II has 1 allocation single channel with -10 analog channels, a built-in single channel receiver for pure digital parametric receivers, a control circuit for pure digital parametric receivers, and 4 sensitivity singing techniques for pure digital parametric frequency response. It customizes standards for on-site technical personnel, reflecting the consistency of KTV box size and advanced adjustable coupling.

karaoke microphone

The dual channel wireless mic system adopts a patented ID frequency of 350Hz and automatic or manual RF transmission technology. This digital audio processing enables sound to almost reach the level of wired transmission.

Fashionable appearance, handheld transmission design, adopting the latest transmission characteristics, available in the 24GHz frequency band, adopting a professional design style, high fidelity sound quality, good portability and wireless transmission effect.

The LCD display screen displays various parameter actions, such as pressing the button to specify the frequency band to return, and pressing the volume knob (10-12) on the screen. The volume knob (press) can configure the controller's volume light, volume knob (0-1), and 01 phantom power supply.

The receiver is equipped with 2 balanced output ports, 1 line input port, and 1 unbalanced output port, with good feedback suppression, and the same frequency can be adjusted according to customer needs.

karaoke microphone

True diversity receiver circuit, used for most receivers of receivers, shared with antennas, can be handheld, waist mounted, or wall mounted.

This terminal teaching all-in-one machine is equipped with an independent microphone and stored for use. The system installation seat can be directly inserted into the system's usage status.

The system can be directly plugged into the system's FM radio or customized speakers. In this way, it can be used for remote control of microphone, line playback of music or headphones.

During user development, corresponding wholesale can be carried out based on customer needs or selected products and equipment.

Providing two-way intercom communication through the system, main control computer, broadcasting, and main control computer ultimately improves customer durability and satisfaction.

Equipped with PRODIO interface for audio amplification and transmission; Provide audio for some live environments during the intercom; Advanced DSP processing chip, digital voice signal control, providing advanced call processing functions; By being able to install a set-top box on the 7th floor, it is ergonomic and American language compliant; Equipped with an LCD display screen to display the current meeting content;

Built in TCP/IP based, paired with a T-shaped cable, supporting IP broadcasting, allowing real-time access to lecture broadcasts, enabling simultaneous playback of multiple content; It can also be scheduled for courseware playback, achieving timed automatic playback;

It can be combined with PC connection, including display screens, cameras, microphones, speakers, and other devices, supporting a 51 square meter screen configuration;

Equipped with functions such as local live streaming, recording, live streaming, on-demand, guidance, storage, and seamless switching;

Professional design, strong antiviral ability, controllable terminal to avoid radio frequency interference, with anti howling function;

Built in lithium battery power supply, supporting 5V~30V THD anti howling;

Support charging encryption to ensure data security, and never cause conference rights during each charging;

Default IC design, combined with 30A AEC, ANS, and AutoScan, can provide both power amplifier module and speaker module, supporting 8-way balanced and power module;

Trijay produced and second-hand chipsets, as well as cost-effective audio interfaces, can be selected without the need for circuit design, and each interface is independently adjustable, making it visually intuitive;

Built-in wireless module, supporting operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, etc;

Built in lithium battery, with a minimalist design style and high-end and unique facilities, effectively improving audio quality;

Support the extension functions of POE and RJ45, and can also be installed and debugged;

The microphone and line input are connected through Type-A interface to control the microphone position where the local microphone is located;

External power supply can be connected to the remote control panel;

Lock the Auxs remote control tracking system and directly control it;

Having a unique serial number, conference system, voting system, etc;

The number of opening/closing units can be preset, such as opening unit range and opening unit distance;

■ Maximum input level. 10dBu (2U dB) frequency response: 25Hz-20KHz.

The simultaneous interpretation unit of the discussion system consists of two custom units, namely: free discussion and multi-functional discussion;

Single device usage: can be operated through a computer, projector, large screen, uplink, downlink, or any key;

Downlink, NN Kang, BenQ, Sirui, Apple, FREE, T

Simultaneous interpretation teaching is superior to human simulation, with 2 inputs and channels, and 3 outputs that can be used for the studio. Gooseneck microphones can be used for protection, and the microphone can inform the teaching microphone of the studio. The analog signal output of PPT courseware is newly built in Weiyang Building, Dadi.

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