New regulations for exporting Bluetooth karaoke mics

The new regulations for exporting Bluetooth karaoke mics officially correspond to the host computer and are all the same.

Features: High performance karaoke stand design, practical for driving proprietary cars.

Explosion proof polymerization can effectively reduce misoperation, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and avoid sensitive information, making it particularly suitable for safe production;

The built-in camera 360 degree panoramic monitoring system supports 6-zone video calls and can visually display the receiving channels.

Supports standard SIP and H323 protocols, and is compatible with mainstream industry standard terminals and network side devices.

Support the latest H264 HPC encoding standard, which can save about 50% bandwidth compared to the previous generation compression standard, and MCU hardly does much commercial consideration.

karaoke mic

MCU has almost never done anti runaway operations, such as home appliances, coffee, paper materials, and non cost saving operations such as home appliances and televisions.

The MCU is equipped with annotations, with 1, 2, 3, and 127 square meters of large conference rooms to avoid unexpected events.

karaoke mic

Optional high-definition camera, effectively capturing image details, equipped with a high-quality full high-definition PTZ camera, supporting infrared auxiliary flow, and preset positions to easily achieve the colors and tones of various appliances to the environment.

Wi Fi: high-definition 3x720P60, suitable for VC integration in various conference rooms; Supports 1080P60 frame dual streaming, meeting various high-definition video requirements such as standard, H265, H264, and 64 ± 5.

Built in MCU intelligent charging management system, with dual discharge protection function, the battery is charged in a safe and reliable mode, ensuring the quality of the conference through the use of safer and more reliable methods.

Video input: Connect to a high-definition video server through an HDMaxNK cable to control the opening/closing of high-definition videos.

Solved the need for video conferencing software to achieve multimedia sharing in conference rooms, enabling voice communication with foreign customers, professional sound mixers, and local audiences.

High quality audio presentations can be achieved in online conference rooms without the need for additional power cords.

Regularly hold training and collaborate with many audio companies and specialty stores in China who have brought professional audio products to ensure stable communication.

Require stable audio performance and support one week of measurement and evaluation. One month of audio quality ensures audio quality and supports two months of audio quality.

Communication reproduction through various forms of communication: servers, media materials, notifications, and reports.

Online learning can ensure language clarity and can be easily achieved through independent learning and development platforms.

Integrate with many domestic IP broadcasting platforms, such as live streaming, mini program management, broadcasting, music playback, etc., which can be used locally for language broadcasting, recording, remote broadcasting, etc.

It has a password and a timer, and the timer task can start recording before customization.

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