How to obtain the IPPC logo for exported wireless mics? Interpretation of common skills and questions

How to obtain the IPPC logo for exported wireless mics? Interpretation of common problems in skills.

Many companies or individuals want to have meetings in a small conference room, but the working environment is not ideal, resulting in a decrease in sales and affecting the conference experience. Let's take a closer look at our own products.

On the large screen display panel at the front end, you can see the status of each component's product, including built-in speakers, power amplifiers, display screens and corresponding volume control components, wake-up components, conference reservation systems, and binding leads. The main status includes the activity site, time, location, and entry arrangement. We need to master some basic infrastructure, such as the placement of tables and chairs, the placement of carpets, and so on.

In the front-end conference room, as each component is independent, you can use the corresponding products as a combination.

What are the audio differences between local video conferencing and remote video conferencing? The dissemination, collaboration, and application of audio, technology, and informationization in various fields in smart conference rooms.

The popularization of intelligent networking and mobile internet into conferences has seen rapid growth in quality improvement. The long-term and continuous improvement of the internet has given rise to more possibilities for diversification. From the promotion of leadership and personal training to teaching, forums, tour guides, and other discussion groups, we continuously innovate and upgrade to promote industry competition.

The integrated solution for training rooms is to configure the system through a series of linear arrays to achieve one-stop expansion and integrated linkage, in order to adapt to different spaces and achieve better sound effects. The entire audio and video conference room gathers high-definition cameras, projectors, and audio equipment. Using cameras in the same conference room is very simple and does not require wiring. It has the ability to expand online courses and can be live streamed through software at any time, becoming a hot topic in corporate office and international discussions.

The Logitech CC5000e microphone is a new innovative microphone that breaks the limitations of teacher communication board sound field and multi participant mode for free speech, and is very practical. Users can capture videos, live demonstrations, and other methods anytime and anywhere to meet the individual needs of employees from one or more links.

The CC5000e microphone also comes with an adjustable mute microphone, which can effectively reduce signal interference generated by system control. Users can upgrade from a CC5000e microphone to another microphone, and the other microphone can also be connected and upgraded as before.

The CC5000e microphone also comes with a replaceable ID number, which users can sell directly through the PC interface.

Bluetooth ®: A very convenient operating interface that allows for direct sales and product replacement.


When used in a personal studio, it is common to configure the battery for undervoltage, so that users do not need to receive signals from the transmitter.

For the convenience of users connecting and pairing wireless mics, CC5000e microphones are very popular on the market: microphones, gooseneck microphones, and instrument microphones. Wait, these microphones are presented in a network, revolutionizing your call performance.

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