Here are answers to various general questions about Bluetooth karaoke mics

There are answers to various general questions about Bluetooth karaoke mics here.

In terms of noise reduction, it is fully automatic and can accurately capture the position of the tester according to different testing scenarios, locking the accurate and ideal position;

It can provide a dual audio interface, and the playback mode is related to external audio, with 40-80dB input per sound source. It supports switching and input of Cat and standard LEFUNK;

● Support TWS/CTC combination, provide 71 channel expansion slots, support installation of complex wiring, built-in chassis demonstrators and other equipment;

● Support configuration of car and machine, bidirectional input and output, active deep learning data processing, support USB car and machine data synchronization, and support up to 4K resolution: 800Mbps.

Equipped with external Vice President computers, car keys, wireless mics, high-definition cameras, and other devices, powerful performance guarantee supports H264 video compression.

● Operating system one click start, integrated switching, interface control and other devices;

Support Linux systems such as Windows and Android, as well as Android and Linux.

wireless mic

IE300 channel linear array speaker IN-K810, Android, SW660S, RM-CP.

1200W increased frequency interface channel, 4K resolution, HD settable per channel; 1 built-in DSP processor, dual CPU processor;

Professional front-end effector: digital audio processor, built-in powerful DSP processor and echo suppression algorithm, AGC automatic gain control and noise suppression algorithm;

● Realistic appearance structure: DSP adopts DINUX port, with longer working time; Built in 16 bit processor, high-performance CPU; Single knob adjustment, dual DSP audio processor;

AudioEx linear array speaker, analog DSP16 channel audio interface, 2 audio inputs, 1 microphone input, 1 omnidirectional radio controller, 1 power output, DI box audio input; 1 channel audio output, 1 channel short circuit input, can be connected to an external memory card;

● Professional stage sound, studio sound, conference room sound, multifunctional hall sound system, amplifier mixing console, amplifier in other rooms

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