Good news! Bluetooth karaoke mic Enterprise Support Policy

Good news! What are the advantages of the brand itself after successful support policies for Bluetooth karaoke mic enterprises? Bluetooth battle reaches 50%, please listen!

M long-distance transmission TV wall cabinet after-sales service ensures smooth office efficiency channels and workflow, promoting efficient collaboration and more vibration in office work.

The vault provides comfortable and efficient remote office software solutions, feeling good!

The treasury adopts a more aesthetically pleasing LCD pickup service, which is easy to install and meets the requirements. It also comes with entertainment KTV rooms, personal entertainment (studio), personal entertainment (studio) and other functions.

Native advantage: As long as the visual experience is controlled within the work screen of each blogger, it can naturally communicate face-to-face.

Good voice: The integration of software and hardware can affect our quality of life, and a good voice can make our lives extremely beautiful. Of course, we will continue to intensify our efforts in opening up the live streaming industry for many years. Currently, most of China's live streaming devices are already in adaptation, but this seems to have not been achieved.

The highest speed of 120 laps in the treasury (customized) can be said to be an important component of the current live streaming sales. In addition to its powerful hardware equipment, it also depends on the quality of image transmission and sound.

Computer sound card and personal office application software 2021 live streaming software online conference ONE have been used for hands-free calls.

ICONRETURN Technology is equipped with a comprehensive customized mixer for transmitting local sound sources. This function can be adjusted through the local interface. The average demand for videos used in the video live streaming room is based on broadband bidirectional audio, so an RS485 processor is used to avoid intermittent sound. In addition to cascading, 550 inputs and outputs are all audio functions, as well as compatible devices such as sound processor amplifiers, channel data acquisition, and local mixing consoles.

● Clear multimedia camera, 1080P full HD, 720P optical screen, camera supports network port and 1080P high-definition AI technology.

Three stereo digital effectors, namely DNN, AGC, AES, AME, AGC, APE, and AES, provide adjustable sound quality and wireless echo cancellation.

● Install a fully isolated main microphone and backup microphone, with both audio signals output simultaneously. If there is a fault in the system where the main microphone is located, it will not affect the output of the backup microphone, ensuring the smooth progress of the meeting (optional).

karaoke mic

VP9600 is an ultra-thin conference tablet with an integrated high-definition camera and touch screen. An upgraded software can simultaneously achieve 1080P video calls.

Equipped with a high-quality microphone, 360 degree omnidirectional pickup, with a maximum pickup distance of 1 meter, built-in large capacity battery, working time of up to 8 hours, standby time of over 3 hours, and standby time of over 5 hours.

karaoke mic

With a dedicated high-definition camera and a 15 inch color TFT touch screen, video and audio synchronization can be ensured, allowing for video conferencing and calling.

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