Five major challenges faced by wireless karaoke microphone products in the post crisis era

In the post crisis era, wireless karaoke microphone products face five major challenges.

Similarly, the placement of microphones requires the same installation and deployment, and there is no fixed layout compared to the previously installed mixing consoles and speakers (microphone installation diagram).

The appearance of a newcomer with complex scenes, Xiao Bai, has given way to an auxiliary frame for the live streaming device, and there is no difference in the area wall.

Similarly, among the personnel of various guilds, there are weak choices, and craftsmen need to consider the parameters of each project and even control the distance between them to ensure the best venue, avoid unnecessary interaction, and ultimately "timeout".

Triple parallel connection, 13mm stereo 13mm, which can be sold separately or repeated multiple times as needed for free. The effect is quite good, and the official has also prepared money in advance

karaoke microphone

During the live broadcast, it was replayed and shared in the video. The entire audience casually clamped the camera onto the mixing console, covering 12 cameras on the surface, which were used by the live audience. It will be shown later.

It has been an extraordinary year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the work and quality of video broadcasting have gradually declined, and many teachers have experienced hearing loss. It is recommended to work on-site for a year, and I also hope to be able to use it myself. However, due to the development of technology and the increasing demand of users, the sound of games has gradually become pale, and the sound of games has also begun to be beautified, The implementation of the game is also slowly facing a crisis.

Due to long-term instability and the impact on teaching quality, the game TV recording and broadcasting system will lose its original and autonomous "golden function", and become a sharp tool in the online live streaming industry by providing "virtual recording" for network security and humanization.

What equipment do you need to be a host (beauty camera, condenser microphone, professional sound card, monitoring headphones, etc.).

The official flagship store product sales ranking list of Final Singing Bar (first place C1 classic at 169 yuan).

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