Explanation of common problems in exporting wireless mic skills

Explanation of common problems in exporting wireless mic techniques.

The B&W80 system adopts 24G digital transmission technology, and after the audio technology is turned on, the gain is controlled to achieve wireless mic function.

Each unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and connected to the head cover through a USB interface. It can be charged within a windy volume. After using it for a period of time, the cycle charge lasts for about half an hour and can be fully charged.

It has a call help function, which allows you to select an alarm or wait for a signal through the call microphone button. After startup, when the main link fails, the built-in internal network backup function can be enabled.

Built in large capacity lithium battery (large and small size), capable of charging and discharging the system 80-120V 30mA, with a continuous usage time of about 15 hours;

Flexible charging method: You can choose different frequencies according to the ID standard and international standards. Using a personal computer requires a flexible charging front box (variable frequency charging box+built-in large capacity battery);

wireless mic

Equipped with an IR LCD display screen, it can display battery level, charging status, charging time, charging status, etc;

20W phantom power supply: can display black backlight, battery level, mute status, etc;

It can be used independently of the computer and powered by a charging dock (SIM card+full charging system);

Equipped with TT30 Google/QDC, it can achieve local, DHCP, HTTP, DHCP, and other interface connections;

Using an open reference camera/microphone, it can directly present the interface and display of computer management software.

Equipped with WORLDLv201A9, WORLDLv201A9, and WORLDLv201A3, as well as L69 wide dynamic, supporting debugging of headphones such as' WORLDLv1U, YPRLDLv2016, and F245SD '.

● Supports standard CISCA Player and KISCA can support the Pelhamt Pelco protocol.

An excellent technical team has established a continuous KLIPpo solution to achieve audio conferencing and video conferencing solutions

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