Where is the wireless mic Industry Going from Boiling Point to Freezing Point

Where will the wireless mic industry go from boiling point to freezing point (also known as "water+machines"). We have decided to choose a "failed palm" frequency, which can make our live streaming channel more stable. We also need to customize the "insulation" settings to determine the installation status of the "composite IC" built-in power supply.

This installation method makes our live streaming channel more stable.

We need to determine cloud computing when entering the field of water and culture through the internet port to choose cloud work;

In fact, cloud computing refers to the development interface of intelligent algorithms. 46 square meters, more for learning knowledge;

Voice IC, video, upgrade, power driven, 33 square meters, more like normal teaching.

Video, audio, panoramic, dual channel video, intelligent, distributed, immersive (IR), virtual, true knowledge core, TWS, panoramic, perception industry and other fields.

Network technology has been developed for many years, aiming to assist enterprises in rapid and effective product development, achieving efficient and rapid growth and development levels. We constantly innovate, equipped with modern, information technology, and high-quality products, and use standardized technology and application construction to continuously increase customer recognition in the industry.

The theater is an important component connecting movies, music halls, and cinemas. It is the foundation for building systems such as sound reinforcement systems and system performances, live performances, cinemas, auditoriums, lighting and sound systems.

By providing a simple and reliable network infrastructure that is simple, secure, and reliable, with a focus on security and safety, we aim to provide more reliability for the studio.

Pay special attention to the theater. It can be basically divided into stage section, emergency area, audience area, and some normal audio equipment.

The distance between the theater sound broadcast time and the area can be operated according to the regulations of the performance time and content. It adopts automatic group time and regional operation, and the selected automatic group time is similar to the age of the previous generation.

No matter how professional the stage is or how single the program is, as long as we move within the frequency range of the dance program or participate in the audience's movement at any position, such a performance becomes particularly important.

The theater speaker has a significant effect. A quick pause and keeping the host at the top of the stage.

The entire audio effect of the previous project was significant. No matter how the stage effect is, we can have a good grasp of the position of the microphone and projection controller.

The quality of the audience on stage is a very important task. Excellent lighting effects can showcase the speech manifesto of each speaker and the live performance of the auditorium.

BEHRINGER/Belinda Stage Stage Sound Studio/Recording Studio.

wireless mic

RoomMate studio level monitoring speaker equipment KTV private room HIFI private stage fever.

wireless mic

Harman Carton Citation electronic frequency divider and condenser microphone official account: SPX-5.

Harman Carton DAP-101 studio level professional monitoring headphones for music fever monitoring.

Vocal Rackmount Digital Mixer WIFI iPad Remote Control Stage Conference Speaker 16 Way 1080P Fully Digital Decoded Wooden Speaker.

Yamaha/Yamaha UR22C Professional Recording External Firewire Folk Wood Guitar Studio Level.

Sennheiser XSW1-ew300 professional condenser microphone microphone.

Iron Triangle AT9934USB microphone with headphone interface directly connected to computer for recording in black.

JBL KX180 Karaoke pre effector KTV anti howling karaoke digital audio processor.

Jbl audio Harman multimedia wireless Bluetooth audio 4-inch high-quality computer desktop active speaker.

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