The wireless karaoke microphone industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex in the coming years

The wireless karaoke microphone industry and other market situations will remain severe and complex in the coming years.

karaoke mic

※ Adopting digital transmission technology and supporting frequency management, it can complete the tedious call process;

※ Built in high fidelity speakers, turn on another device, and adjust the volume to achieve the perfect karaoke effect;

Equipped with a high-performance multi-channel digital signal processor, it can perform various types of recording and speech recognition, thus achieving different sound effects;

Equipped with TCP/IP, it can interface with other DSP conference terminals to achieve wireless TES/EBU control;

Equipped with audio processing, it can be connected to other DSP conference terminals to achieve clearer and smoother real-time microphone;

Equipped with network disconnection protection and transfer protection, supporting password recognition, and adding extended power amplifier function;

※ The system supports remote manual recording function, solving the pain points of on-site on-demand, live streaming, on-demand, and guided broadcasting;

The technical connection between the control room and the conference microphone greatly facilitates the control of equipment;

※ Equipped with a microphone on the front side of the device, which can set the key speech of the device according to on-site needs, making the system more stable;

Flexible switch settings, infrared remote control, priority setting of lights, making the display screen more intuitive and user-friendly;

Equipped with a spare bracket, it supports bracket installation and can also be connected to an external 65/70 bracket, making it more convenient to use;

※ It can be lifted or hung up, or connected to a USB flash drive or switch, further improving the user experience;

※ External load button, providing hand holding function, as long as the angle sensor is adjusted, it can make the device more snug;

※ The fault level can be automatically determined through software settings, making the product more reliable and safe.

Equipped with professional tracking and positioning algorithms, it meets the needs of movies and can monitor the position of people ahead in real-time, alert speaker positions, and customize appearance design;

※ Output power: 2W × 1200W × 2M × 10W × 2M × 263G × Mac raid panel

karaoke mic

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