The Netherlands' Policy on Bluetooth karaoke mic Industry Last Month

The Dutch policy on Bluetooth karaoke mic industry last month was definitely not too big.

——The result is that there is no need to set up any smart phones and they can be installed at home to use.

——Regarding the 35mm audio interface just introduced, now only a simple setup is needed. Below are the usage methods for each audio interface.

Everyone should be aware that the above audio interfaces are frequently used, so let's introduce common usage methods below.


Electrical appliances, also known as dual microphone hearing, are devices that play music through built-in speakers. Based on the built-in power amplifier technology, this device includes a -35 inch broadcasting room.

It is equipped with analog input and output volume adjustment, as well as high pass filtering and Bluetooth connection functions, and is equipped with unique display sound quality for esports speaker control.

Then, the application improves the sound quality of the microphone to a feature, helping users focus on games that provide Bluetooth connectivity and ensuring that the headphones can play music normally.

Set a closed loop starting from analog input, use the corresponding volume controller settings, and start the game by selecting the real environment according to requirements for Bluetooth connection.

When you want to use a microphone and music to spread and share sound, you need to choose a microphone with this special function.

Usually, you have already planned to use it on your website or when publishing audio. When selecting a microphone, you need to choose the appropriate microphone type, sound unit, scene range, materials, etc. to ensure that the microphone and music can be clearly transmitted to you.

Microphones and music are sharp tools for field contact, which can accurately produce sound feedback, and their specific applications are characterized by the public relations of American national telecommunications, German business, and Italian industrial education institutions.


The sensitivity of the microphone is considered the main reason for the direction of excitation, as it enables people to hear a larger range of sound and has a good view of the sound in this direction. For many advertising agencies, this is not a big mistake. In summary, the higher the sensitivity of a microphone, the smaller its amplification ability, and the less sensitive it is to sound, so there is very little reflected noise

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