The most technologically advanced karaoke mic factory

The most technologically advanced karaoke mic factory is affiliated with Rizhi Company's 50 year old platform (professional microphone model: ZL2012).

Equipped with a built-in 08W digital frequency shifter, the dual reverb effect is more stable, and a portable TBM type subwoofer is available.

Built in switch module with dual reverb limiting function, introducing Line Out and PC output.

Balanced XLR input, 15 stage equalizing/self-locking switch, efficient dual reverb effect.

RMSNC input, 6-segment balance/self-locking switch, intelligent short circuit overheat protection.


Built-in AGC automatic gain control, capable of predicting, abnormal sounds, ultrasonic input failure, and automatic dimensionality reduction sound reception.

A/D (with rear reverb): preset on 7/8/12/16/18.

Audio high pass filter, with a maximum operating frequency of 368V and harmonic distortion of<1% at 5260Hz, can consider energy conversion+12dbV;

All functions can pass FLASH certification, and the peak setting of the electric guitar can reach up to 783dB;

The software consists of 10 functional modules, which comprehensively use LCP, LP, and PEQ (pMP) settings, and are characterized by convenience, simplicity, high sound quality, low distortion, and high sound quality;

It has the ability of 6 analog input and output channels, and is equipped with 8 analog audio input and output channels, which can adjust reverberation, delay, and modulation channels. Each application is independent;

With 10 preset modes, it can connect to any analog audio source device, add corresponding sound quality, and provide unparalleled performance;

Equipped with a microphone or monitoring controller, equipped with various microphone modules to achieve professional earpiece and amplification effects;

Equipped with RTA spectrum display, it can more effectively locate the whistling frequency points, making whistling disappear without a trace;


Equipped with USB/USB interface, supporting any selection within USB/5V;

In order to better control the signal input, any frequency modulation can be used to control the sound quality, and analog audio can be switched to other channels;

● Can switch the dynamic range of other signal attenuation filters, can switch the analog audio of signal operation, and is equipped with a time code switch control function;

Equipped with audio control port, 2 can be set to send external display or external display with one click;

It can be input with just one click, and this device has transmission function. It can also be inserted into a collar clip with a microphone, and has audio transmission function;

Equipped with automatic up and down series volume adjustment function and power adjustment function;

Equipped with noise reduction function, each 1M sound quality value comes with feedback point adjustment, and the 1M load sound quality effect is priced at ¥ 2.

This machine has no setting, short circuit, and easy to restore normal use of keys at any time.

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