The layout of this karaoke mic segment is gradually becoming a trend

The layout of this sub field of karaoke mics is gradually becoming a trend. Layout and layout are components that are usually torque processed, with incorrect vertical angles, rather than increasing or decreasing.

The quality of Sony's KTV chip is no less than that of those molds, and it seems no less than that of Tiktok, with a gap of 50% at most.

Taking Buckhorn as an example, Buckhorn is a modular voice chat song. Real time karaoke can be performed in the car, for example, if the host likes to sing, they may not know the effect of the song. That ascam likes singing, come to the front of the lottery.

Starting from Lux2, it has been presented in the form of app videos. The most satisfying thing is that X's ultra portable voice experience has many similarities with modern imaging. Especially during nanny time, such as from the series to the new style noise reduction capital, it can be second to none.

It is worth mentioning that after Sony is configured, it can also expand to a larger venue according to user needs. The multifunctional noise reduction function, combined with special effects, balance, and color tones, fills the compact control space with a sense of intelligent hierarchy, making the coordination and processing between human voice and sound waves more convenient.


In addition, the intelligent holographic Venue is equipped with multiple AI intelligent frequency hopping technology and has also undergone "virtual preparation" to help users feel a sense of real space, allowing more users to use anchors to embark on a virtual live streaming journey. In addition, the intelligent Midea control system can also connect with live streaming accounts by outputting Dante interfaces to load corresponding simulation interfaces and dedicated forms, achieving the device combination process.

It is worth mentioning that there are multiple options available, including one touch screen and one built-in infrared touch screen,

● Pure U emission or external RGB virtual lighting or chassis flashing/charging, which can control the switching between screen/charging status, charging and mute status.

● × The power button in the bottom right corner of the screen allows you to customize the pairing button to select a headphone jack with or output interface for use.

● × The remotely controlled microphone and earphone volume can be adjusted, so you can tune and listen to music while enjoying your own professional live streaming equipment.

Set the keyboard to "FIFO" by double clicking and holding down the menu to locate, but it has not been operated before. After MC92L goes out, it will automatically cut off this key.

The microphone switch will automatically open to connect the headphones. The microphone switch of the headphones can be quickly adjusted, and it still has a great sense of flexibility when worn for a long time, making it a tool for seeking various discomfort. Each MC92L microphone has a common pairing button, including a knob that can be adjusted to adjust the volume.


Unique signal processing algorithms make recording or live streaming more effortless. Some people also like to collect microphones because with the continuous development of technology, recording has become a new recording method. Its main feature is the problem of picking up the sound of the microphone when recording, and it will not directly affect other recordings.

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