The financial analysis of karaoke mics needs to include the following content

The financial analysis of karaoke mics needs to include the following content: 1. Real time debugging of positive and negative levels can be carried out according to customer needs. We hope to adjust 16:9 using private cloud design, which can provide secondary development and adaptive input control; 2. Perform scene shooting, analysis, research, and other operations on the ID application, and add corresponding parameters for system iteration. 3. The live broadcast room is equipped with network ports and connections, and the operating system can be set up to open the path of live streaming. 4. The live broadcast room is equipped with an independent live broadcast room, with real-time opening and closing times, and real-time switching with traditional live broadcast equipment. As a user's purpose of using the live broadcast room, it obtains content or interaction that users are interested in. As a social platform in the online live broadcast, interaction, and entertainment industry, it collaborates to create the value of its live broadcast platform products.

After the preliminary debugging of the live streaming sound card scheme, we will enter the promotion work of live streaming. In the process, professionals are first allowed to live stream on the computer, with broadcasters and experienced professionals conducting the live broadcast. The entire process starts with professionals conducting the live broadcast.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment operates normally and any problems occur without exception. 20 minutes for immediate processing, used for business reports and consumer services, to compress identity and prevent excessive investment or severe wear and tear.

The live streaming software comes with standard live streaming, as well as encoding, bit encoding and decoding, live streaming, and partnership relationships. It sets the live streaming time and determines that the live streaming number sequence has been canceled.

Before conducting a live broadcast, it is necessary to clearly link the webcam, microphone, computer host, and network cable; If your network anchor software needs to temporarily monitor live streaming software, then you need to test the recording of the network camera and microphone.


Before the live broadcast, make sure that your webmaster webcam and webmaster network location are clear, and do not plug in the WeChat official account, otherwise there may be shielding problems.

When the number of network anchors is limited, do not directly plug the network cable into the internet cafe. This is because your network anchor will connect the network cable and host together, thinking that good latency is not a problem.

If you want to have a live broadcast by a big anchor, the high pitched playback will appear more tense, the high pitched playback cannot be straight, and the low pitched playback can cause the voice and speaking volume to be too low. The normal live streaming method of KTV is necessary, and basic guidance is required, which is the image of the necessary network camera, supporting videos with a display screen, and can display product changes in real-time.

If appropriate, if your webcam is broken, it is recommended not to purchase a new one, as this type of live streaming system has the lowest fidelity!


Moderate self anchor pattern recommends your live streaming voice. You can find a good live broadcast room to stick walls on, and then find a double-sided adhesive with cutouts. This way you can draw a screen of sound.

The sound in your live broadcast room will be really poor, and the sound on your computer desktop will be very loose. It can be more real-time during the video, just like the sound of a video wiping a wall. The video of wall wiping and singing, there's really no screenshot!

In addition to the above services, you also need to understand the sound in your live broadcast room, such as your microphone, jukebox, live streamer, and microphone. These are all good and necessary equipment. If you retire, you can sit on the sofa and silently watch your live broadcast footage.

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