The cheapest wireless mic supplier

The cheapest wireless mic supplier, L-0878, is priced below 9986 times and more expensive than 99340. The company's supply chain is also very similar to a precision standard line, which directly transmits audio to hearing aids and then improves the sound quality of the machine through internal circuits.

◆ TVD5 recording studio condenser microphone ◆ emergency acquisition.

Turn on the USB flash drive MP3 music player, which can play music. If there is no music for a period of time, such as some CDs, CDs, etc., it can also be played.

Open the wireless mic (blue ID number: BDX) to display information such as current volume, current channel, battery capacity, function, and charging status.


◆ Turn on 6 USB flash drives to receive audio, with green indicator light and blue color, and they must not be used permanently. Otherwise, they will operate as if they were not in use.

◆ Recording studio condenser microphone ◆ DA-24SRC, with amplifier. Connect the recorder to the receiver and amplify it. Use the speaker to directly turn down the volume, making it a studio level noise reducing microphone.

◆ The default configuration is an aluminum alloy microphone tube with a LCD screen and backlight, 1301 white. ◆ The pure embedded design is equipped with a heat dissipation system and a high pressure bearing foundation, effectively dissipating heat.

◆ Pre amplifier processing circuit, AGC automatic gain control, ALC automatic level control, 003j1+DSP stereo circuit.

◆ Front recording studio cardioid directional electret microphone with open indicator light loop input.

Clear sound quality, reduced IC digital input TRS stereo line input gain, and reduced version gain.

1 front omnidirectional high sensitivity lavalier microphone, with a single device that can be extended to close range pickup (such as long-distance speech).

Every 1MHz frequency point, dual color LED indicator lights are added for flexible debugging, making it convenient for debugging in different usage environments.

The back panel can manually operate the built-in microphone input port or be used in conjunction with the built-in microphone input port.

◆ Automatic shutdown function, the microphone that is turned on will automatically turn off in 45 seconds when it is not picked up (when the sound within the pickup range is below 50dB).

Meet the international conference equipment electrical certification standard (IEC 60914) and international safety regulations UL or CE certification

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