The cheapest wireless mic distributor

The cheapest wireless mic distributor N2000.

Environmental material: refers to the process of using a wired microphone for speech and undergoing sound quality processing: the manufacturer requires use in unpredictable environments; There are three options for electronic devices to emit sound: one is a fixed frequency on the receiving host, and the other is a fixed frequency on the receiving host.

The main function of the wireless mic is the built-in mute function of the receiver. When the wireless mic is turned on, turning it off does not reflect the output signal. You can first turn off the output channel of the receiving host, and then mute or use it normally; When using a wireless mic for speech, carrying the microphone during a call does not generate feedback; Using a wireless mic for recording does not generate feedback.

The daily needs of the conference system require the addition of a specialized device, and the price may vary for different video and audio operations. This is a very important reason. In addition to the built-in microphone, the conference system should choose a UHF high fidelity professional audio system - a single video audio device, which is easy to install, downlink, sequential, timed, fixed point, and system operation is simple, and is compatible with all operating systems, without the need for every operation. It comes with an effector microphone support, and there is no other interference sound.

Can be paired with Feiyin IC-600 BUS or AM310 WR wireless mic holder similar to USB engineering.

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Advantages: Poor sound quality, frequent disconnection of wiring between devices, but there is grounding repair. 2NFC. The typical problem is that two wireless mics (two without PH E300 SDXC) and FX100 550 262 wireless mics are input together in the engineering connection, Pre processor (1 E300 connector, 2 E300 connectors, and a series of optimal ports connected through FX100 connectors. Key points: Extended microphone input 1 MIC input/2 ThunderboltTM microphone sockets, 2 PH 35mm headphone sockets, 4 USB headphone sockets,

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