The cheapest wireless mic company

The cheapest wireless mic company, your favorite microphone!

The VHD is a VS-2 electric elevating educational microphone that adopts a new concept and adopts a dual sided elevating integrated design.

Revolutionary, truly wireless technology, and textured devices have stronger anti-interference capabilities, can be matched to the lowest battery capacity, and can effectively solve the problem of missing mobile power supply.

When equipped with a lithium battery of 10 and a 1AH battery (which can be equipped with one charging box) for power supply, the lithium battery can be fully charged, with a range of 4 hours, and can be used for about 1500 hours a day.

The new boost technology is more efficient, convenient, and installation is more free. The entire system allows you to fit into your pocket and move freely outdoors.

The powerful full duplex technology sound effect provides a more realistic sound reproduction, and the coordination between the sound and the on-site environment is quite intuitive.

Enjoy an unprecedented easy connection experience while enhancing your security and product compatibility, easily covering your large conference room.

Native audio quality: Plug and play USB driver connection, no need to install a driver, easy to connect to personal, home, and user-friendly settings.

Native audio quality: Plug and play USB driver, equipped with flexible cables and device connection functions, without the need to install a driver, everything is plug and play.

Full and durable earmuff style earphones are comfortable, lightweight, and can maintain excellent sound quality no matter how fate adjusts.

Boundary Dimensions: Just a single (T) cardioid directional earphone with dual MEMS omnidirectional microphones for easy portability. Equipped with two RF reverse low oscillators, suitable for use in different conference rooms.


Type-C interface: headphone jack, 1 Micro USB interface, 1-to-1 voice speaker signal input, 1 pair of tweeter signal recognition (matte drive), SDN-201 is a useful NFC mobile game software. For sound quality, both Huawei cameras and conference cameras can meet the requirements. Unique speaker sound localization algorithm allows users to clearly and accurately confirm the area where the speaker sound is located.

Listening to music: About 40 minutes in class, switching from smart Bluetooth to L, going to the office to activate and record the song machine, bringing 4K creative program presentation effects, making your live broadcast easier. Intelligent music singing will support entertainment, digitization, and networking, and multiple types of music can sing "Maiba".

An all-in-one music player. Audio video switching function, with 3 microphone inputs and 2 stereo inputs, 3 AUX outputs; One DB15 input, two composite/4 Ω outputs, each supporting three stereo inputs, one FX161 input, and two FX161 outputs, and can be wired.

Music/earphones/body noise prevention. 10dB gain. 20dB welded pipe<- 83dB earphone/basic support. 30dB/8 Ω


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