The best wireless mic distributor with the best technology

The best wireless mic dealer with the best technology. MORE wireless mic accessories are professional wireless mic accessories. ● One to four wireless mic UHF landing.

Each unit uses a non-interference frequency led by signal differentiation to obtain more wireless audio stream modulation, making it an ideal choice for consumers and schools.

The system adopts dynamic zones and high-performance large-scale professional level acoustic components, with low-frequency reflection, impact, and independent connectors suspended through microphones, bringing more stable audio coverage.

Audio saving, signal-to-noise ratio>90dB, total harmonic distortion<0.01%, reduced sound effect hall and acoustic signal.

Standard device: 2U metal chassis, pure aluminum shell, sturdy, with engineering rack, LCD display, replaceable with lock.

Personalized style applicable: compact appearance, good hand feel, and the ability to freely adjust angles, sound, and professional effects.

By combining classic lines with powerful audio processing technology, stereo, professional, and dynamic sound effects, the overall difficulty of picking up sound in the simulation system has been solved.

Application of audio head technology: Enhanced array positioning, achieving 360 ° omnidirectional pickup, combined with iOS and Android devices, convenient for users to recognize and recognize simultaneously.

Super performance: array positioning, IRvOps W wired output, easy to build electric lifting interface.

It is a table mounted cardioid condenser interface microphone with an built-in electric lifting module that supports hot swapping and no need for any auxiliary plug and play.

Built in electric lifting module, supporting hot swapping, without the need for any power switch, easy and fast operation.

Supports dual channel broadband voice sampling frequency, no Ethernet microphone/wireless line input, and no built-in audio processor.

The original DCP/MOVE digital processing and transmission technology ensures that no matter how many devices are used, all digital transmission overcomes the attenuation problem of long-distance transmission. The transmission distance of six core wires can reach 250 meters, and the transmission distance of network cables can reach 150 meters;


The connection method adopts a 6-core DIN shielded cable or a 2-meter super Category 6 network cable, which can effectively avoid and prevent electromagnetic interference from the line, ensuring that data is never lost;

Adopting ID addressing, customizable numbering, automatic detection of host and unit online lists upon startup, and real-time monitoring of system operation;

Built in video tracking processor, supports video matrix expansion, can infinitely expand the camera for camera linkage, and supports simultaneous recording and broadcasting of 8 conference units;

A single machine can simultaneously connect to 8 new PC hosts and units that push and enable terminals, and perform maintenance within the 3-5 range of startup, supporting automatic detection and upgrading.


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