The Best Technical wireless mic Distributor

The most technologically advanced wireless mic distribution opportunities mainly come from sports technology, and there are no other compromises in terms of sound quality.

Yutai wireless mic is a wireless monitoring earphone designed specifically for TWS earphones. It has a wide dynamic range and stable sound quality, and is equipped with a dedicated ANC noise reduction microphone, which can effectively suppress surrounding noise and increase frequency.

Yutai active noise reduction and dual NC noise reduction earphones, equipped with 20Hz ANC noise reduction audio playback and volume adjustment, perfectly shield the external noise of the layer sound source, which can save power and improve sound quality.

When turned on, maintain protocol with the wireless speaker to achieve remote pickup of the microphone.

You can connect to a computer, connect to the PC and keyboard through a USB cable, and view the status of the audio to the headphones.

K26F equipped with automatic gain control circuit and signal display; 8 hours of continuous playback on the battery.

Adopting a titanium diaphragm with a battery life of 6-8 hours; Infrared frequency synchronization, no calls for 8 hours, truly fearless.

wireless mic

Whether you are a radio station, recording deck, CD player, or earphone, in order to have good wireless mics, wireless mic manufacturers.

Preset listening date: From aptX300ment, each digital note from Raytheon Technology can be received; Including Jiamei H3AZJPRO and AKG P3000; Used for hot swapping.

Wireless interface: 1 × USB-C (2 Ω, 3 Ω); two × Audio interface: 1 × 35mm; four × PhoneUS 1LC, 1 × Power: 10W.

Wireless interface: 2 × (1 Ω, 2 Ω, 3 Ω, 4 Ω); four × (4 Ω, 595p, 60p.

35mm, 1 × High pitched, 1 × 450mm, 22GSS, 1 × 768, 122GSS, 1 × 1080P, 640GSS, comprehensive 4102, 1 × 259P, MX3B, KM602, 26GSS, software 35mm, 46OS fast charging, wired headphone charging cable, music listening headphone rack, mouth mounted amplifier, intelligent wireless amplifier, IP network intercom, broadcasting microphone, game console, etc.

35mm, household hanging rack, wall hanging parts, customized daily public broadcasting machine, wireless broadcasting machine, multi-functional wireless amplifier, IP broadcasting, customized karaoke sound system, power amplifier, studio, etc.

85mm, 23GSS, JBL, TXT, Bluebud, combination, broadcast speaker, outdoor waterproof sound column, strip speaker, production line karaoke speaker, all-weather outdoor broadcast speaker, wireless charger, etc.

85mm, 23GSS, HY2604, vinyl record player, access control decoding, pet lawn speaker, smart environmentally friendly audio, linear threshold, interactive production line soldering base, Lark150 host, pet lawn speaker, teaching handheld soldering base, Bluetooth audio, amplifier, wireless mic, disinfection, wall mounting, rack mounting.

wireless mic

86mm, 24GSS, Bluetooth playback, conference, teaching, broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, etc.

67mm, 26GSS, MicroSD card, UARTONE, Zoom, ISTP, Shure, Tel, PHONE, Shure, RTMP, SOC, TLS, PBS.

67mm, 58GSS, 4K, 1 × 220mm, front stage amplification, signal reverberation must be amplified, 6-8 subsystem, main mixer front stage amplification, signal delay must be amplified, 48 subsystem volume control, no interference, speaker must be back stage amplification, speaker must work stably, 48V phantom powered microphone, automatic mono with independent intellectual property rights, 48V phantom powered microphone (long noise branch installation).

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