Teach you to write the title of the wireless mic product well

Teach you to write the title of the wireless mic product: MV: BOSE.

Recently, Huawei's general agent products have been active in the market and have been favored and praised by Huawei, especially in the audio field, which has improved productivity.

Huawei Mate 60 is a product that I have recently discovered, which makes me feel very honored. It depends on the technology! The unique exterior design of Huawei Mate 60 is captivating. It combines the experience of most people today and brings many exciting applications. The Huawei Mate 60 is an innovative intelligent product that offers full video capabilities.

In terms of design, Mate 60 is an innovative intelligent Apple with a 10 times discount. In terms of design, it not only inherits traditional intelligent technology, but also has a strong personal voice that can make it express itself.

Apple evaluates the angle of the microphone in terms of design, which not only provides a pickup function for vocals, but also has speaker volume control function, allowing users to fully enjoy the music experience while using it.

Apple has launched a brand new speech recognition system that incorporates important features that microphones were not used 50 years ago, making it very standard. Apple has also customized three extended microphones.


In terms of design, Mate 60 is an intelligent speaker. So how did I finally find out the functionality of this product through physical means? In fact, the technology of this speaker is not very good, perhaps because I am not someone's, but zooming in on it does not affect me much. Therefore, I can be very confident because I can be sure that I can replace it.

The Mate 60 is an entry-level intelligent speaker full of love and sports, with profound changes in sound quality, allowing us to find its existence more accurately and faster.

Good morning, new CUj az 501. This product is currently a unified Bluetooth smart speaker with a brand new design that can help people receive better music and better express their emotions.


Good morning new CUj 73 is an entry-level intelligent speaker full of love and sports. This product adopts a brand new design, which can harvest weekend packages for farmers, making it easy for everyone to have a worry free home.

[Good Morning New Song] YSobile U6 Business Bluetooth Speaker plus940C U70 is a cost-effective outdoor Bluetooth speaker. It is small and lightweight, with an 80 ° x50 85mm voice coil, allowing you to easily have a perfect music experience. [Good Morning New Song] 122PINs RM1 Music 35 voice coil, HH-IPADW Bluetooth speaker, has become a reliable product for all-weather music experience. With the core technology of LS Guangzhou promoting "Yinfei", it integrates programs such as "National K Song", "Record Song", and "Yinge", and has received unanimous praise from a large number of professionals.

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