Let me introduce you to karaoke mic distributors

Introduction to karaoke mic distributor: Microstudio is a Bluetooth wireless earphone based on 2-point high volume, equipped with dual ears and.

Adopting a new transmission method, the transmission is more stable, with built-in dual ear and dual ear wireless call noise reduction, supporting multi-point SVC, and achieving FMo call and communication applications.

● Support for branch points, support for "hot swapping", and each audio channel is independently adjustable.

● Total harmonic distortion: 48kHz, Phoenix terminal; Supports multiple audio source outputs for smoother transmission.

● Input and output limit: 8K Hz~20kHz, Phoenix terminal; 35mm AD audio interface, supporting fiber optic and coaxial audio input.

Do not configure each headphone input channel, set each node to achieve settings such as mute, threshold, and ringing.

4 selectable frequency selectors, which can be set using mute in indoor, bedroom, and other settings.

karaoke mic

Equipped with built-in memory card and MP3/FLASH control interface, real-time monitoring can be installed on cellular devices.

● A complete call processing system, including the following menus: 2500 Mbps deposit AC220 ● Mexican digital voice encoding and decoding, including GPS microphone, analog synthesizer, DVD/MP3 and other audio and video playback.

Equipped with a built-in 1W/7 partition automatic feedback suppressor and up to 200 software modules, it can be controlled automatically/remotely through hardware simultaneously.

● Supports Rightoblock audio management, enabling real-time and smooth audio processing. Various DIY software monitors system vibration issues in real-time, automatically redirects to the software main interface, and achieves standardized management mode.

Equipped with a built-in automatic detection host, it can detect system operation in real-time, remotely adjust permissions, and display data results in real-time.

Equipped with the function of synthesizing KLARK TE60 for sending and receiving invitations, allowing real-time comparison with permissions and achieving unified communication.

Having a member's number and displaying it at a fixed time, reading and writing the ID and ID number.

karaoke mic

Having the authority to detect member identity, members can take the member name and set the internal voting date of the VIP organization for the corresponding account. The activity content recording software can be customized through IC, divided into working mode and upgrade mode.

It can provide check-in, voting, and scoring functions within the system, and support organizations to modify meeting content.

Equipped with limited access function for full control of the platform, the system can be fully operated and managed through a single operation.

The system can be fully equipped with control and speech timing, making the control operation more intuitive. The timing and waiting of speech can be controlled through the microphone.

The system can cross limit and schedule the recording time, connect or set it to a specified time for saving.

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