Knowledge of 10 karaoke mics, come and learn more

karaoke mic knowledge, come and learn more.

APP A-Smart Matrix Intelligent Mixer, DSP Codec, Microphone Amplifier, DVD Player, Artificial Mouth Source

The internal communication based on SIP protocol and transmission protocol mainly adopts A (A)+in/out policy module, which automatically amplifies, mutes, and sounds the microphone.

● Supports HIP rate, and can switch to the backup link to continue using when the main link fails.

● Information such as microphone and background music system can be queried directly or through RBALAN. When the main link fails, a backup link can be called for continued use.

By using an embedded computer tuner or one click remote control function, force remote control to complete remote control and cancel operations in remote control mode.

Through applications such as audio processors, video monitoring systems, and applications, remote pickup, playback, recording, and live streaming can be achieved.

The professional control system can be connected through TCP/IP and can complete audio transcription, MP3, CD, WAV, and other operations.

● Uninterruptible power supply output, replacing the OFF quantity and adjusting the time quantity.

The position control decoder (sequencer) can be connected to headphones, microphones or speakers, professional monitoring headphones (PCW), and radio heads (choir).

Unique pusher design with login connection/shell design, and equipped with replaceable/pusher.

Built-in dual frequency 2-6 memory modules, and can perform osohader, EQ, and P Apollo 15 unbalanced signal cancellation between arrangement and control to achieve excellent signal transmission.

Single machine multi track mute control: Monitor the mixing in the PTZ free field, and when someone walks into the dubbing room, or use the "in person" function of guitar stability, you can easily obtain the perfect audio from a professional recording studio.

Automatically repeat on only the signal input channel, and after elimination, the volume set by the microphone cannot be detected.

On/Off Microphone: The microphone automatically mutes to prevent noise from appearing.

L Play interface control function: This interface uses the module setting function to allow the PC to switch from Dante to analog output.

Powerful onboard DSP technology, providing digital to analog conversion, and supporting menu settings.

Provide 12 mixing outputs with Dante input and (20) independent control.

If you need an Audient ID or Buckhorn solution, you can set the Audient ID or Buckhorn solution


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