karaoke mics maintain a stable and rapid development trend

karaoke mics maintain a stable and rapid development trend, as long as the data slows down for at least 3ms and is adjusted on a normal acoustic structure, it is easy to improve the overall volume comparison of vocal microphones.

Sitting together not only allows the sound to fill the entire room, but also allows the surrounding audience to hear each word clearly, building reasons together to fully enhance the speaker's confidence.

The host has built-in speakers with volume adjustment (human voice) function, which can adjust the pickup effect with the best touch points.

Adopting analog or digital signal transmission technology to achieve exceptional wireless transmission quality.

The microphone sensor can include at least two conference sets, conference terminals, projectors, computer monitors, and conference voting functions.

Flexible gain control function can reduce any required background noise in larger conference rooms.

• Voting function: Supports conference room signal input while speakers can be connected, and the microphone sensor electrode design ensures that this device does not have speaker audio indicators.

The audio data is processed using AAC-LD multi-layer high-speed DSP, with built-in automatic/manual adjustment technology. It can be automatically switched through programming, automation, analysis, tracking, and other methods, and supports wired and wireless mic debugging.

wireless mic

The audio data is processed using AAC-LD multi-layer high-speed DSP, with high fidelity and low latency performance;

Microphone sensor, using call or tracking algorithms, can achieve better speech pickup and reduce environmental noise interference.

Built in high-performance 32-bit echo cancellation AEC, automatically suppresses reverberation, provides clear and natural sound quality, and automatically amplifies after noise suppression, which can enhance the signal-to-noise ratio by 80dB.

The connection card used for startup and automatic detection of the host, with the other end of the card for software digital programming and software synthesis plug and play.

All software also provides specific OLED identification codes, which can recognize the human sound environment for setting and management.

Mainly used for two methods: startup and playback; For example, the chairman, representatives, conference halls, and conference rooms can be optimized and maintained.

The bass signal output tube is connected to the power amplifier, with a+limiter (with+48V phantom power supply) to prevent the effector from malfunctioning.

wireless mic

The hybrid channel provides phantom power supply for connecting the mixer and microphone

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