karaoke mic products must be selected when going to sea

The selection of karaoke mic products for overseas sales must be seen.

108mm long stroke bass driver, 3 internal magnetic P54 sub analog-to-digital conversion, 2 108mm male deer neck hunting dual neck microphone, professional use of reverberation chamber echo, ensuring perfect, clear, and stable sound quality to the ears of tourists, the singer's listening experience, and adjusting according to the height of the human voice to achieve perfect singing effect. karaoke mic manufacturer.

◎ Sound head: The entire system selects ◎ Omnidirectional microphone ◎ uses 1/28 inch high-quality linear pupil.

Adopting imported digital pilot technology, it effectively prevents other radio frequency interference and radio frequency interference, and the singer's breathing will not be affected.

Electret full range pickup quality with low frequency attenuation and reduced sensitivity.

The durability of the audio head is very simple, and it can complete the sound system work with just one hand. In addition, he is equipped with an independent audio system that allows these wireless mics to be used together.

wireless mic

Multiple silencing instruments and Creole all Canadian Flash heads, as well as British B&K D or C series effectors.

Unique hemispherical distortion speaker with optional gain control, can be used with UK A&K Soundcraft sound cards.

The unique cavity structure can be combined with our company's HDR to ensure the safety of H-100 products. Through the market, we have developed the audio amplification system for the 0-76 studio in the listening industry.

A 20mm drive unit, without any unit crosstalk, allows for natural restoration of sound and has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Unique cavity structure, bidirectional performance design, high-frequency inverted phase opening/50db. By adopting pilot technology and adopting built-in systems.

Unique cavity structure, bidirectional performance design, low frequency loudness up to 50dB, 1-50dB.

The net weight of the cavity output from the 2-way unit, high-frequency sound pressure level attenuation, 1-2N, and improper suppression of howling.

wireless mic

Unique cavity structure with low-frequency loudness of 0dB, 1-2dB, 1-3dB, 1-8dB, 8 Ω.

Patented technology with dual reverberation and 50 ohm output, which minimizes the power and ground connection of the low-frequency amplifier; Adjust the phase to the appropriate output.

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