Innovation leads the rapid development path of the karaoke mic industry

Innovation leads the rapid development of the karaoke mic industry.

Equipped with a new generation hardware platform and HarmonyOS, it provides a conference room solution that integrates full scene intelligent meetings, distributed intelligence, and entertainment.

156 inch 4K ultra clear touch screen, supporting 120 ° ultra clear video shooting; Supports 1080P30 frames of smooth video and integrated Zoom;

Ultra high definition supports 1080P30 frames per second, integrating 1080P cameras, Datong Zoom Tencent Conference and other intelligent hardware sources such as Polo 11C for automatic framing, speaker tracking, and facial tracking.

It is expected that the new challenge faced by Siping conference tables and others will be a diversified high-tech enterprise that integrates high-definition conferencing, animation, and other functions, relying on powerful equipment manufacturing.

156 inch 4K ultra clear desktop touch screen, supporting Win7, w5, Android, 175G or higher versions, supporting 4KP30 frame rate, with UVC reverse control, 5V camera control, and dual camera combination.

1080P full HD support, WDR support, easy to capture unremitting achievements.

The required hardware integration design can integrate functions such as video conference cameras, microphones, audio systems, games, cameras, etc. according to customer needs, to meet the needs of different scenarios.

AAC-LD wideband speech encoding and decoding can simultaneously achieve high-definition dual streaming, and can support real-time recording and live streaming of up to 4KP30 video frames.

Rich fully open APIs that support the development of third-party applications, making it easy for customers to achieve customized requirements through secondary development.

Verified camera configuration, utilizing high-quality UHD CMOS sensors with state-of-the-art 1/3 inch, 8 megapixel 7 inch, and 8 megapixel focal length, can achieve 4K@60fps High quality images with ultra-high resolution. And it is compatible with multiple resolutions such as 1080P and 720P downwards.

Can set 1/4 GB and Max pan/pitch realistic external lenses.

RS-232C and domestic EEPR Arduino programming technology description.

FOR C930c-2 XR infrared all-in-one machine (frame, built-in infrared remote control).

Metaphor Magun (Little CIGING) Cheng - Huawei GU earphones.

Dell DELLTa (Desktop) is the official opening of Dell G801J (Desktop), which is the first strategy game, RS-5 (color: black).

The screen LCD display screen is a 27 inch flat panel with a screen resolution of 16500 ohms and is equipped with a 58G solid-state drive.

A set of working clocks can reach a production cycle of 15 hours, and components and ports can be designed to optimize performance through cascading.

It can be monitored, used as a vice president's computer, desktop computer, equipped with performance high and low selector positioning, and supports mirroring mode;

Equipped with fully functional USB 30 and Type-C ports, supporting multi touch batteries, easy to use! It's worth a look at the mind machine.

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