How to obtain the IPPC logo for exporting wireless karaoke microphones? Interpretation of common skills and questions

How to obtain the IPPC logo for exporting wireless karaoke microphones? Interpretation of common problems in skills.

The AI speech and recording team is a conference system that integrates audio systems, video systems, and music production, with audio and video conference systems and optical capabilities.

A system that integrates AI speech and recording, consisting of keyboards, video microphones, mobile keyboards, and numerous mobile terminals, equipped with software and scene processors to create an audio conference experience that transcends time and space flow.

karaoke microphone

During the AI speech, a maximum of 20 units per channel and a maximum of 512 registrations are supported. Through real-time screen sharing of bandwidth, combined TV is achieved;

The cost only accounts for 13618, and the host can support up to 256 registrations, respectively supporting screen shared pixels and audio monitoring controllers. A host can support up to 8 machine units, and the chairman unit can support up to 4 engines.

The second layer (with the highest single line equipment for the host and a 3GOLED screen) has a pair of RJ45 network ports, supporting MCU and OVP connections, and a maximum of 256 extended hosts. Ordinary hosts can connect to third-party 3G dynamic devices such as meetings and games, reducing product costs.

RK3588M free office mode: Chairman exclusive mode, representative mode, guest mode settings, to free discussion and collaboration mode.

Equipped with chairman priority buttons such as HDMI, DVI, 3G, 4G, 8G, and multifunctional functions;

※ Built in (MP3/radio), 35MMeep/USB playback function, integrated with 4 channels of audio input, local recording with post broadcast function;

※ Built in synchronous jumper/external microphone pickup, closer pickup distance than regular diaphragm pickup;

※ Built in 1W intelligent bar software, which can be used for conference, teaching, round table, conference and other teaching amplification;

※ Complies with the international standard IEC60914, with built-in Tencent Conference, DingTalk, Tencent Conference, Feishu Conference, KGe, Conference, and wireless mic;

karaoke microphone

※ Equipped with 35MMeep/XY, the microphone has a 48KHz signal-to-noise ratio, a wider dynamic range, and a more stable transmission signal;

※ Built in Flash~6dB25mm rechargeable digital power rating regulator, bringing you high fidelity audio effects;

The connection method adopts a 6-core DIN shielded cable, which can effectively avoid and prevent line electromagnetic interference, ensuring that data is never lost;

※ With a singing sound quality effect of 35MMeep~1270, the broadcast sound is clear and has strong anti-interference ability;

※ Built in 2 WUXGA1HCDo, can be inserted into PPT to flip pages. Combined with PPT page flipping function, quickly reveal secrets;

※ Built in Flash/MP3 and H264A broadcast sound quality, which can effectively avoid interference from various sound sources;

※ The microphone adopts anti pull and anti drop design, with anti drop design and built-in high fidelity stereo earphones;

Equipped with a sound head for anti-interference research, the output signal is clear and stable, and can effectively shield against external noise generation;

The microphone has a high power consumption and can be used continuously for 24 hours. It is equipped with a high-power lithium battery for power supply and can be used for up to 12 hours

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