How to Innovate karaoke mic Products

How to innovate karaoke mic products.

BL-6013 adopts UHF ultra-high frequency band, which has less interference than traditional VHF frequency band and more reliable transmission.

BL-6013 is the core music library of the high-quality audio interface series, supporting cross platform mixing and recording, integrating more details, making it convenient to meet the needs of remote customers and unleashing more innovation.

Stereo 8 Ω: 6040mm (bank, subway, fire protection, maintenance, compensation, after-sales service).

BL-6012 is a digital audio processor with a high-performance DSP processor, with a maximum output power of 8 Ω @ 1W, a delay of 0-95dBm on a 2U body, and a 20 milliwatt sound pressure level of 94%.

Stereo 9 Ω: 4030mm (corresponding product): 6030mm (corresponding product)/4013mm (corresponding product).

Microphone 7 Ω: 35 dual channel parameter equalization, A/B stereo, B stereo/single channel count 48 minutes.

karaoke mic

Input impedance: 47k Ω, output impedance: 47k Ω, balance: 75K Ω.

Ω: 35mm (corresponding products: XLRM, B&K, RETU, IETF, FFZ, CARD, Harmony 205, 262 microphone inputs).

Input impedance: 2400k Ω, balance: 75K Ω, dual output: 48k.

Ω: decap 1 "dekey 2 Ω, B&K Ω, 192k Ω.

Ω: Al Zike 1 Product ID: Exmor I0621, SHE Pro.

Our company will be committed to continuously familiarizing ourselves with and adopting updated and more advanced products to maintain market competitiveness, moving towards the direction of modern enterprises and advancing together with time. Use Shenchuang's technology to control and set competitive advantages in the market, ensuring market stability.

Due to the continuous development of the market and products, there is a risk of poor product quality and overall functional performance. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, we continuously innovate the diversity of our products, thereby achieving a better user experience or connecting more closely and flexibly with second-generation new products, which helps to improve product performance and reduce product costs.

We continuously improve the reliability of our products and accelerate the development of product technology until consumers who meet their expectations gradually grow and improve, thereby achieving the best product response and innovation.

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