How to Help wireless mic Enterprises Entering Hell Mode

How should wireless mic companies enter hell mode to save themselves?

When Neumann uses a microphone together to enhance its directionality, but always maintains the most favorable visual image, it is the microphone with a deaf angle. Due to the reduced amplitude of strong winds in the deaf corner, many sounds are converted into difficult to understand digital and analog signals. This may be due to the replacement of small microphones in the deaf corner. Due to the increased amplitude of strong winds in the deaf horn, the sound in the deaf horn is effectively amplified.

The sound is ultimately determined when it becomes an analog signal. When we pick up and understand audio from a long distance, these numbers are divided into one-to-one corresponding direct crosstalk. Due to the lack of simple acceptance and understanding, digital microphones have become smaller and smaller. In addition to digital signals, digital microphones also have other special utilization functions.

Digital microphones have many characteristics, which lie in their direct conversion and strict use. Digital microphones have always been an important component. In terms of design, due to the addition of these features, it is difficult for us to obtain a complete set as well. For example, in terms of high-precision and frequency setting, it is difficult to obtain two digital microphones due to the need for a design kit. In terms of application, we have designed an acoustic measurement microphone, which is also used for the periphery and acoustic attenuation source of digital microphones. In terms of acoustics, it calls for ordinary microphones to directly transform into French microphones; In terms of speech, due to the addition of corresponding additional functions, we need to use them to reduce voltage interruptions and measurement boundaries; We can also use it to maintain normal transmission of communication devices during exercise. Considering this aspect, we hope that this system can be redesigned economically.

Compliance with standards can better adapt to the usage needs of the current system; Avoiding the troubles of traditional horn calibration; There is no frequency cutoff function, and there are breaks behind the front and rear push rods, which greatly facilitates user operation.

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The lens adopts 6/8-inch pre polarized film splicing technology, and compared with 702 and 4/8-inch splicing, the actual inspection frequency can reach up to 100MB/30MB.

The industry's first patented technology for automatic hand sensing is integrated, and the microphone automatically mutes within 3 seconds after leaving the human hand stationary (placed in any direction or angle).

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Equipped with infrared automatic frequency synchronization function, it can quickly synchronize the microphone to the working channel of the receiver.

The brand new digital pilot technology completely solves the problem of KTV private rooms cross frequency, never cross frequency!

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