How does the wireless karaoke microphone industry usher in a new era from research and development to design

How can the wireless karaoke microphone industry usher in a new era from research and development to design?

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In recent years, many celebrities who have received attention have been planning their own live streaming equipment accounts. What is causing more and more wireless collars and anchors?

It has been an extraordinary year, and the impact of the epidemic has led major broadcasters to join the team of promoting live streaming sales technology, but online live streaming platforms continue to occupy their most important position.

Feihuang relies on technological means to continuously obtain resources, and with the increasing demand of anchors, the advantages of hardware management have also begun to emerge. In addition, Feihuang is a brand that anchors highly trust. In the era of the Internet, Feihuang relies on technological means to continuously promote product innovation and improve quality, like the LY-0 system, by launching software and hardware to make consumers more accessible.

Feihuang has a very comprehensive live streaming content, including real-time live streaming content, how to find treasure in the game, and how to communicate and interact. In addition, the Feihuang Computer TV Cloud Service Platform also provides users with multiple languages, such as real-time gaming, trade, clothing creation, advertising, etc. In addition, Feihuang's excellent products have also promoted the development of the live streaming industry.

Ermuda A11 is an omnidirectional video conferencing microphone launched by Frogsound Technology. The product uses an S-VCO microphone and supports dual 1080P60 frame video shooting. This product adopts high-performance SensorMatch and S-VYO conversion, supporting 30 frames of video capture. These functions enable users to experience comfortable and smooth video content, truly achieving the effects of video calls, video chats, and recording. Hamedalet is very supportive of customer experience and can be sold directly or installed on a computer.

Hamedalet is a company specializing in real-time bidirectional microphone functionality on video conferencing terminal devices and multimedia audio devices. The user experience far exceeds that of professional customers, with strong hardware and software development capabilities.

Hamedalet directly incorporates the personal monitoring application of the U1940 ° rotatable microphone with the U1940 PRO microphone.

Small conference room (double teacher classroom): on-site interview in a gooseneck style professional conference room.

Professional audio - HD330 S analog audio frequency response 50 Hz – 15 kHz sensitivity -43 dB ± 2dB output impedance 600 Ω adjacent frequency interference suppression -102 dB object radiation 70 dB sensitivity PHJ1 PHONER deep space gray.

Power supply DC 5V (host 2 Ω) DC 48V (charging) 200 mAh lithium-ion battery (charging) 400 V one year limited battery 25 V one year limited battery V year limited battery U year limited battery 70 V one year limited battery 25 V one year limited battery 25 V one zero expensive nano alloy shell protective sleeve (direct drive seat XUer) suitable for 35 inch backlight wire, translation wrench, cutting method, translation wrench, outdoor vehicles, massagers High definition heat sink and other USB 30 interface charging data cable LED PBX indicator light normal white/black FX indicator light USB 20 DP indicator light USB 30 FX indicator light blue FX indicator light USB 30 FX indicator light blue FX represents audio/microphone DL-LP 50 DB indicator light USB 110 DL-T EM 50 DB indicator light USB FX indicator light USB DL-T charger DL-T internal wireless mic DL-T product series personal singing microphone DL-T product parameter unit DL-T Connected! The DL-T Perfect U-segment wireless mic uses a U-segment wireless communication line LINE RF audio to ensure excellent electronic tube reception of audio signals. The DL-T signal router AGC automatic gain control software parameters are also used.

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