High production standard wireless mic distributor

A wireless mic distributor with high production standards, designed specifically for on-site professional performances, has always been a self-developed professional microphone and is an on-site microphone agent.

Supporting two external performance signal inputs, facilitating debugging, equipment installation, connection, etc., further enhancing the international and recognition of the product.

The automatic frequency selection button (including microphone) allows for free adjustment of output gain according to actual on-site needs, and can be manually adjusted and responded to in proportion.

Four channel portable on-site machine rental, including 700 on-site rentals and complimentary APP configurations.

Built in lithium battery, with strong anti-interference ability, it provides high-quality audio quality and high stability of digital waves, providing studio level audio quality.

The multi-functional infrared remote control has dual mute control, which can mute all system signals at all times. With a simple and easy-to-use operation function, users can switch between various zones of the 1st to 3rd level of the game. Users can set their own fully automatic infrared remote control for the 1st to 4th to 8th level of the game, truly achieving any zone without interference.

At the head of the performance stage, equipped with a heat dissipation tray, it can monitor the speaker's position in real-time, improve the quality of speech, and achieve the performance of fixed microphones on stage.

Remote control keyboard, equipped with a professional remote control, can provide remote warranty, a single machine can remotely control the microphone at the same time, can modulate and display ID numbers, and can flexibly deploy speech content.

Three standard configuration methods: ultra simple installation, 2 or LCD display, characteristic working status: multiple systems support 255 units, and fees can be customized according to customer standards. Connect to the video active pickup speaker, which can be clipped or worn as a headphone, and is not affected during use.

★ Support program playback: Local audio can be sent to the TV or external active speakers, without the consent of the customer, saving labor costs.

Audio built-in processor: Provides professional audio detection function, which can be used for recording and testing of individual powerful sound reinforcement systems,

Silence setting: When sound interference occurs indoors, it effectively controls unmanned driving indoors, and some devices are configured with high noise, which can be adjusted in real-time.

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wireless mic

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wireless mic

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