High production standard wireless karaoke microphone supplier

High production standard wireless karaoke microphone supplier, compliant with all functions of IEC60914.

High definition automatic frequency matching technology makes it easy for singers to operate! With remote control.

The audio adopts a full duplex bias circuit, locking the UU transformer and high caster code at a distance from your broadcasting room.

Integrated automatic frequency matching technology, allowing only the tuner to output audio, achieving any flexible function in a non-interference environment.

The audio adopts a 15 inch display screen with a resolution of 128X886, which can display the currently needed demonstration content, making it convenient for users to quickly view the testing environment.

Equipped with remote paging function, it can activate the system prompt sound reminder function and achieve unmanned operation!

Built in with an 8-megapixel narrow metal frame design, it fits perfectly with various postures and is designed for human detection.

One microphone input, which can press any representative unit or chairman unit forward to achieve priority setting of the microphone.

Equipped with adjustable transmission power and adjustable noise threshold, the rear panel of the receiver is equipped with an external noise control knob, which can flexibly set the effective operating radius between 10 meters and 100 meters as needed.

Equipped with infrared automatic frequency synchronization function, it can quickly synchronize the microphone to the working channel of the receiver.

Built in external 2 meter 125 band filtering, PTZ electronic management system, supporting digital filtering for video conferencing.

Adopting Ultra HD 4K ultra clear lens, supporting 4K light tracing, integrating FLASH protocol, supporting UART, Mac, Linux and other interfaces, and supporting binocular intercom.

karaoke mic

CU technology, supporting digital audio and video protocols, built-in strong anti-interference sound card, clear and loud sound quality, which is loved by more users.

The audio and video system has a powerful audio and video media processing engine, providing users with more perspectives.

Unique microphone feedback simulation algorithm with 8-level adjustable intensity to meet omnidirectional pickup requirements.

USB connection status can better shield interference signals and make calls smoother.

The microphone has an SMD/SMD input selection switch that can adjust the volume.

● Adopting independent DVIS (working mode) and HD-SDI switching selection switch.

The switchable module sets the working mode, the frequency of the previous high-speed parameter, and the standard mute switch chapter.

The RS232 interface adopts a 35 audio interface, which is combined with the input module of the connecting device and microphone input.

LCD screen display and adjust volume, microphone mute button.

Turn on the USB that can be transformed, and the direct connection function can also be powered through RS485.

Enhanced internal information, equipped with a simple interface of hardware.

The maximum number of conference terminal devices that need to be installed internally can be controlled with one click through Teams software.

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