High production standard karaoke mic supplier

A supplier of karaoke mics with high production standards. 3 microphone end sockets, integrated with PC and SD card Columbia microphone input/output interfaces.

The music channel has a 9-segment PEQ stereo equalizer and is equipped with a pressure limit function, effectively preventing interference from safety products such as drums and DVDs.

15 segment PEQ microphone with independent adjustment, full digital audio processing system, stereo DSP multiple digital reverberation system.

The audio interface can be selected by cutting any or all segments, specifically tailored for the performance venue and some areas.

All microphones have independent input and output volume, volume control, and microphone on and off functions.

Equipped with a fully isolated main microphone and backup microphone, both audio signals are output simultaneously. If the system where the main microphone is located malfunctions, it will not affect the output of the backup microphone, ensuring the smooth progress of the meeting (optional).

Gooseneck microphone tube length is 41cm, microphone sensitivity can be selected as 128dB, nominal COFF/SPSUsh.

It has the function of supporting dual input I/O input of digital and analog audio, which can be used for recording and playing audio at longer distances.

Equipped with a 35mm stereo headphone interface, and equipped with a 35mm stereo headphone interface, optional with a 35mm stereo headphone interface, the sound is clear and loud.

Equipped with a 35mm stereo headphone interface, the sound is clear and loud, without causing hearing fatigue in the ears.

The design of the earphones adopts a safe, hollow tube body, which reduces the programming of earphone plug connections and simplifies installation and debugging time.

Can be easily paired with a comfortable stand for easy playback under comfortable conditions.

Built-in embedded hard disk, signal generator, feedback suppressor, fan, network camera, microphone, frequency cutoff and other devices to achieve local sound amplification.

Built in audio processor, feedback suppressor, fan, receiver, mouse, music and other functions to achieve recording, MP3, WMA and other functions.

● Support voice controlled apps, automatic level control, background noise processing, forward protection, and alarm linkage triggering.

Built in AC~220V AC exchange type power supply, greatly improving power efficiency and effectively ensuring the effectiveness of high warranty.

It can be connected to an external access control system, an external app, and can run customized programs and connect with a cooling cabinet, with a usage time of up to 12 hours.

Conforming to ergonomics, combined with a tablet computer host, it achieves the condition of "integrating" network appliances without additional maintenance fees.

The Android intelligent customization machine has a beautiful appearance and material, with a built-in high-level intelligent trapezoid. The shell adopts integrated molding and CNC machine tool precision processing technology, and the surface can be electroplated to install an external power supply, external power supply, and fan.

● Possess working modes: working mode, network demand mode, and network application scenarios.

karaoke mic

Equipped with a tablet computer host, it can form a non logarithmic conference system that directly connects to devices such as the system host, TV, projector, and network conference system. When browsing video conferences, you can choose traditional conference modes and enjoy an instant conference experience.

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