High cost performance wireless karaoke microphone products occupy most of the market

Behind the high cost-effectiveness of wireless karaoke microphone products occupying most of the market is a hidden mystery.

※ Three types of universality: overclocking wireless mic (one to two), infrared wireless mic (receiver);

※ LCD display: F16C, LCD display screen, interface screen;

※ Support for multi-channel: it can be unicast or multicast, with 32 preset stages for each channel. Hosts can freely choose between them, and the receiving distance can reach up to 30M;

Adopting WiFi communication technology and FM transmission, it is particularly suitable for various engineering departments and occasions. (CSCOM, BOYASH, Bull Road, etc.) can control the entire area of the system with free diversity technology;

wireless karaoke microphone

※ Built in communication protocol, which can be set to connect with other representative units within the same day, and also supports large-scale meetings and communication;

※ Support meetings between 75 floors (available on the same day), as well as a pair of 16 chairman units for connection;

1 microphone input, with line selection and working status indication;

※ Equipped with a channel selection button, which can be adjusted by any selection button in the case of a channel selection button;

※ Using SP-LINK connection, the control room can access 2 chairman units, which have priority buttons;

The unit has a 2 meter 15 meter 8P connection for the system's "T" type one line connection, which can be upgraded one by one;

The main body of the unit microphone rod is made of alloy material, and is equipped with high and low amplitude cutting and button type words;

※ Sensitivity radio wave intercom extension, wireless system achieves microphone access, receiving host has 5 synchronization interfaces, and each channel has a separate adjustable channel;

Equipped with functions such as IC card check-in, supplementary check-in, alarm button, external camera interface, push button to connect to PC, power on alarm, button lock screen, etc;

Equipped with 16 buttons, external power supply can be set, and massive reminders, reminders, whistles, and other functions can be performed;

Equipped with LINE/MIC input port, it can simulate on-site inspection, with 1 group of key first out and a maximum of 3553 people;

Equipped with LINE/MIC output port, capable of SPEAQCH/MIC/AUX;

Product Digital Network Audio Intelligent Public Broadcasting Power Amplifier Series Broadcasting Speaker Series Microphone Series Intelligent Conference System Professional Audio System Teaching Amplification System

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