Get more accurate wireless mic user data

Obtain more accurate wireless mic user data cables (Dag continuous transmission) and move them within the computer area.

The data channel has a reduction of 8 to 2DPCM, high-performance 32-bit/40-bit data line, and shares the same data line to achieve smooth tracking function for 6 machines.

● Analog audio input with 8 analog audio outputs, supporting free switching between microphone input and line input.

Each input is equipped with 35mm independent audio input processing, supporting external audio devices (background music, enabling recording, etc.).

wireless mic

Equipped with [IR] infrared automatic frequency matching function, as long as the "ACT" button is briefly pressed, the input terminal's level can be automatically received at the same time.

Each input is equipped with a high-performance 67dB ON/OPa (automatic mixing) filter, which can split work and achieve half power on each channel.

● Built in TO-EQ digital mixing processor for recording and speaker recording.

High performance and high-level modular IC, which can be equipped with fast addition of servers, fast actuators, and machine check start and stop operations.

Built in high-level intelligent RK3566 chip, which can directly access terminals. Supports up to 7X73 traditional 480U sampling frequency.

Equipped with a fully international SCOPSP, achieving CD level audio quality. With dual shielding function, it can effectively counteract interference caused by only noise.

Equipped with dual high fidelity microphone input sockets (MIC LINE), achieving high sensitivity microphone sound acquisition.

Comply with the international conference equipment electrical certification standard (IEC 60914) and international safety standards UL or CE certification. The product has 2 channels of output and is equipped with a built-in 100W fireproof input pipe.

Support Dante network control, 2-way AES50 network ports, which can connect to the current IEM microphone/preamplifier of MIC products.

L adopts a cardioid directional microphone with a red and green dual color LED indicator light circle, with red indicating speech and green indicating waiting for instructions.

L supports 360 ° omnidirectional pickup, allowing for close range pickup without adjusting the direction.

L can be connected to any analog processor system (ASIC) terminal, with a digital IP transmission distance of up to 1200 meters;

Standard, hardware control system, digital network transmission based on IP, supporting digital MP3, IPCP card, and USB audio playback.

Professional low power consumption, 1080P full HD resolution, supporting up to 100 exhibitions, low power consumption and high efficiency, easy to operate and use.

Built in integrated hard drive, with an external pickup radius of up to 2 meters, meeting the needs of large-scale exhibition sharing.

Support ITU-T H323, IETF SIP, ITU-T H239, BFCP.

L provides 3D and 100 colors for optical zoom, with optional eye protection mode and automatic framing technology. You will have a brand new Meeting function and support customization, which can simultaneously receive sound from Microsoft and other DISCOs. Please refer to the actual product.

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