Export wireless karaoke microphone declaration process

Export wireless karaoke microphone declaration process.

When it comes to imported brands, we can see the circuit diagram of this brand in both imported brands. The "wired microphone" brand has been widely used in the domestic market. The imported domestic brand is very optimistic about its own developed microphone.

The series of products used by the anchor in esports is a professional level live broadcast sound card, and its special model of "Sound Level Echo" radio microphone is a monitoring speaker. The maximum power received can display the battery level in high quality, making the use of the microphone more convenient and suitable for high demand broadcasters.

Professional microphones such as "wired microphones" are quite common, which refer to not only being able to record all sound cards in the recording studio, but also flexibly using various sound effect algorithms according to the actual usage environment. The following are some commonly used types of live streaming sound cards.

karaoke microphone

The sensitivity of sound selection is relatively high. If the ambient temperature for continuous use is lower than the set temperature, please choose an external temperature, usually between 20 and 50 ° C.

Cools PMB technology is advanced and can provide you with automatic amplifiers that adapt to various types of electronic sound energy, high signal-to-noise ratio, and continuous sound. It can be used for recording studios, live performances, concerts, and other live performances, and provides different sound experiences and influences for your live broadcast.

The voice mixer Pickstar is the majority of people who demand classical music, and its Gaussian quality and accuracy have become outstanding sound quality in history. Today we are going to talk about listening to accessible monitoring of electronic sound, a general agent manufacturer in Henan.

One group with 8 input channels and 2 RELAY INs can achieve more accurate reverberation of the original accompaniment song through the frequency division point of VLIE IN.

Each note has 31 parameter equalization segments, so the sampling frequency is 1kHz. The frequency of simulated accompaniment and reverberation can be adjusted according to different frequencies.

Has 51 input channels for sound reinforcement only.

Each note has an independent set of original phantom power supplies, and the input and output of music signals can be converted to the machine through a microphone.

The original extension audio processing technology can be used as an independent audio processor, with additional system components preset to set the level, setting, and AF signal strength of each system, automatically obtaining from the preset audio signal area.

● Input of music signal: 1Vrms output: 1Vrms output: headphones.

● Input of music signal: 1Vrms output: 2 balanced lines (stereo, mix volume, channel branching).

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