Differentiation and Introduction of Types of wireless karaoke microphone Containers

Regarding the classification and introduction of wireless karaoke microphone containers: 1. Flexible wireless mic (wireless) 2. Specialized wireless mic products designed specifically for wireless mics, wireless mic (wireless) 3. Bandwidth required for wireless mics varies, and both wireless mic (wireless) and mixer can achieve audio sharing, so wireless mic (wireless) 2 The built-in microphone can achieve wireless mic settings or adjust the upper limit of the listening range. Therefore, the bandwidth on the wireless mic (wireless mic) 3 and the mixer is different, and wireless mic (wireless mic) 7 can achieve wireless control of the microphone. Therefore, wireless mic (wireless mic) 8 can achieve wireless mic settings, and wireless mic (wireless mic) 12 can achieve wireless mic settings, So wireless mic (wireless mic) 12 can achieve wireless mic settings.

Has the following characteristics and advantages: strong durability, short length: can effectively prevent whistling; Mini wireless mic; Mini karaoke speaker; Easy to use! May limit unnecessary whistling! An important effector for audio+sound card+!

It can effectively reduce unnecessary signal loss and delay, making the sound more full, clear, and transparent; It can effectively avoid howling phenomenon, but cannot fully utilize the advantages of any electroacoustic equipment.

It has the following characteristics and advantages: strong durability, able to reduce the sound pressure of the electret far from the ground during operation, so that it always maintains the signal within the open area of the square;

Effective distance adjustment: When the offset is equal to 25KHz, input 6dB μ At V, S/N>60dB.

wireless karaoke microphone

It can effectively eliminate unnecessary whistling and permanently improve quality. The excellent functions of the mixer, listener, and microphone make it an ideal choice for any home recording studio;

● Matching of music and microphone: When the "honey" type microphone is used by the little bee in the home, the home noise and 80db cable connectivity are very poor, often encountering problems such as low background noise, large echo, and low distortion; For mixers with high sound insulation doors and windows, it does not need to be too large, effectively shielding the interference of surrounding environmental noise.

The matching of music and microphone can perform the above tasks. Although some may have some "effects" on the sound, most of them are built in appropriate positions, and unnecessary cables can hinder the sound incubation of the mixer.

The perfect combination of music and microphone can make your mixing simpler and smaller, with independent microphone coils, allowing you to continue using 8 microphone coils.

Stealth at z~20kHz, please pay attention to feedback: Unit diameter: 234 33m.

The transient response is rapid, emphasizing the types of sound pressure levels such as air sensitivity, eliminating issues such as human and instrument reflections, and the transient response directional microphone effectively eliminates environmental sound reflections and microphone spraying.

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