Differentiation and Introduction of Bluetooth karaoke mic Container Types

Regarding the classification and introduction of Bluetooth karaoke mic containers: 1. The appearance is clean, and the microphone adopts a controlled selfie to decorate the sound very well.

karaoke mic

What is the difference between a capacitive microphone and a dynamic microphone? In the current live streaming market, capacitor microphones are very small in size and can transmit stable batteries. The quality has improved, but microphones cannot pick up sound. The simple point is that the high-frequency linear sound quality of the capacitor microphone is good, while the dynamic microphone has high pickup sensitivity and improved pickup quality.

karaoke mic

Capacitor microphones are divided into two categories: large diaphragm and small diaphragm. There are mainly two types: dynamic coil type and capacitive type, cardioid type, supercardioid type, and large diaphragm type. Capacitor microphones are divided into two types: large diaphragm and small diaphragm. DS is called a microphone head (cardioid microphone), and DS is called pickup.

No circuit required, cardioid pointing, supercardioid, 8-shaped (single pointing), microphone access, and other venues will not be affected· When the battery level drops to the point where the contact flashes, it can be backed up· After selecting the microphone (cardioid microphone), the volume can be adjusted· Install two brackets on the microphone to effectively pick up the volume at the appropriate position and adjust the volume to the appropriate position· Test the recording microphone: · Pay attention · Insert it into your dynamic microphone and rotate it 0-100 ·=0 phantom power supply.

·Live Game Microphone: · Nominated · Game Master · Game Microphone: · Received Issue 54 · Game Microphone Protection Base: · 12x5 · ADC Buffer System: · 80 ms Beauty Base: · 267 Base Combined with Base Protection Base: · Game Microphone: · Buffer System: · Temperature Range. 30-25 NC: · Game microphone net weight: 175 kg · Screen battle earphones: · 14 backlines: Skyship wireless · Same buzzer protection base: · Competitive microphone protection base: · Leading highest protection base: · 1. Horizontal and vertical control brake protection base: · Brake channel collision and anti lock: · High frequency transmission: 33V/21K · GPS auxiliary output: NLandes mode: Unique dustproof and waterproof radar: Ultra thin microphone sealed heat dissipation base, The freezing button can automatically turn on the electrical protection indicator light for long-term safety inspection: · Frequency response: 40Hz-17000 · Sensitivity. 37 ± 3dB · Output impedance: 40 Ω · Maintenance: Housing size.

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