Different types of karaoke mics and their applications

Different types of karaoke mics and their uses are different, including portable wireless mics (headworn, ear mounted, stand), computer handheld clips, conference use, learning tablet, instrument jack, sound stand, chairman microphone, representative, etc.

Microphone: A linear array composed of L-081 gooseneck and dynamic coil, which can achieve larger conference space through wired connection. A pair of sound quality, also suitable for conference rooms, for voice calls at any time.

Full function: Equipped with a built-in large capacity lithium battery, it can be used continuously for 12 hours and provide 18 hours of intelligent usage, perfect for various environmental applications.

Lithium battery: Up to 8 hours of continuous use time, allowing you to enjoy a wonderful start time anytime, anywhere.

Wall mounted: Easy to install, only one piece is needed to build, with the shortest usage time.

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Blog (BDX): Speaker (2 x 1, analog): Space saving, second, easy installation.

Based on the design of the all-in-one machine, it can be installed separately or paired with an ultra long handheld or headworn microphone, various personal service (CSR), which is reflected in the ceiling.

Built in lithium battery: Up to 3 hours of operation time, the battery can be replaced in a timely manner when turned off, achieving energy-saving and environmental protection.

Configure accessories such as calls, microphones, and port indicators. By making connections and balancing audio choices, users can directly retrieve their factory's map and coverage from their connection.

Speaker: Full frequency speaker with audio compression and spatial audio signal routing design.

Direction mode: Bass speaker: 65 inches x 35mm 101 inches x 990 inches 702 inches.

We have advanced audio processing technology, professional audio engineers, complete testing equipment, and comprehensive after-sales service. The company has obtained top-notch direct supply of products and continues to break through in the field of audio and video.

International companies such as the company/international, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Mexico, etc. have launched microphones, Schur, TAKSTAR, CROWN, Crown, Neumann, Emma Electric, Yamaha, TAKSTAR, Philips, Sennheiser, etc.

We firmly believe that professionalism comes from focus; Development originates from innovation; Details reflect quality.

wireless mic

SH-883P audio video integrated machine UHF wireless mic DSLR camera various conference and live streaming sets.

Company/Guangdong Guangzhou Shenzhen Guangzhou Dongguan Chengdu Hebei Shanxi Inner Mongolia Shanghai Hebei Shanxi Shaanxi Xinjiang Taiwan Chongqing Hong Kong Macao Taiwan Overseas.

VHF wireless mic MIP-20 high-quality audio system conference system wireless mic camera microphone.

BS-135 conference microphone wired gooseneck microphone dynamic microphone wired conference microphone representative speech microphone.

May I ask during the event visit: General remarks: Our company will obtain an exact version, and we have launched the V345 (Electronic Finger Peak) product. This exhibition will be based on the on-site display and audio products.

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