A detailed introduction to wireless mics is all here

A detailed introduction to wireless mics can be found here in the same production and working environment.

How to establish a wireless conference system that utilizes the lifecycle of the participants, or to utilize a limited number of people to choose a better communication system, with television identifying and combining channels at any time.

Various practical and flexible small-scale environmental monitoring functions can be combined with frequency range detection and abnormal state detection.

Adopting UHF wireless mic array audio technology, the microphone in each room can independently adjust the gain without affecting the transmission frequency.

The transmitter power is large enough to be installed within the range of the venue without the need for additional placement;

Automatically skip when starting up, without affecting the layout due to device changes;

A product with 100% good security but high confidentiality.

Adopt technologies such as data isolation, protection, and anti-corrosion treatment to protect the speaker and battery.

wireless mic

Easy and easy installation and debugging, finding the product you want; Set environmental issues and quickly complete the installation;

The computer channel has a corresponding amplifier, and reverberation is important for the audience to avoid damage to the amplifier system;

Even when used in a conference room, it is important to ensure that the meeting proceeds normally and ensure the normal transmission of audio systems and video quality.

Equalizer settings, with independent high and low pitch adjustments for each volume adjustment knob;

● Microphone adjustment, can adjust the amplifier volume as needed, and adjust the volume size;

If there are any errors in the functions and specifications of the conference microphones, they should be based on the actual product. Using Evergrande as a guideline, we will compare DJs in all aspects, with a meeting period of ten years like a day, ensuring an orderly manner;

Set a limit on the number of speaking microphones on the USB flash drive to ensure flexible movement of the system without losing control and only allowing for window adjustment;

The unit can control the microphone gain at the conference site, and adjust the volume of any microphone to achieve smoothness, muting, etc., but cannot achieve sound output.

For the "Any Microphone" Shenzhu Weather Election that requires simple benefits, we are currently reviewing the operation status of this unit in the conference. Please pay attention to the above user operation platforms.

Shandi unit type: 24-B, key voting module (5-B)/1, and Chairman D preferred; Priority given to the Vice Chairman; Support multiple groups of users to speak simultaneously; Independent speech management and free discussion and voting process can be achieved in each speech state; And it supports flexible control of signals between nodes, and the network volume knob can be adjusted;

The flying shuttle terminal CY-DM810F home conference microphone SH-10 is suitable for indoor engineering installation in the meeting room m Yafu Conference Hotel vlog private clubhouse. The home small conference room chairman set (excluding microphone)/chairman/representative.

wireless mic

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