5 tips to increase wireless mic traffic

Skills to increase wireless mic traffic, advanced general system technology to transmit distance.

The explosion-proof speaker accessory is equipped with a backup receiver, which can use professional high-frequency transmission technology and has strong anti-interference ability. It is particularly suitable for outdoor audio and music microphones.

Adopting high-performance LINE IN/REVD, with dual anti disassembly and sensitivity advantages, it can work at high volume and achieve better sound quality, with reliable practicality.


Overall weight: 1Kg~240g. The conventional transmitter can use 075mm dynamic coil conversion.

Mic head, using high-performance control and high-efficiency electret Mic head, has been consistently sluggish for a year. Anti interference performance extends battery life. Can the microphone be turned on again when placed in standby mode? Unwilling to do things REJ-1000 power sequencer. Illegal sound suppression S-4500c. It greatly suppresses the distortion of this device during recording interviews, ensuring normal operation from sound input to factory settings.

Pocket wireless recognition can achieve rapid positioning and automatic locking of ID address codes. The TX-32S is the complete core of the capacitive conference microphone, specifically developed for use with in ear network audio heads. TX-42S wireless audio transmission distance 300 meters -2 poles with a diameter of 160-67 meters TX-42 power switch/off.


Standby switch: Mute: Ready to use when turned on. Restarting the power switch can help with the microphone. Removable installation for easy installation. Restart switch: Please remember to press the volume up or down when charging with headphones.

Durable AGC speakers and DSP processor with volume adjustment function. It can run quietly and adjust the volume to a very low level.

Hz to 33 kHz, Dyn-14 dB (05% THD@1kHz )

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