Where is the future of the karaoke mic industry

Where is the future of the karaoke mic industry?

Song machine integrated machine Song machine touch screen karaoke speaker projector screen power amplifier front microphone.

Projector companies are designed specifically for KTV entertainment, mainly consisting of song ordering systems, audio systems, projectors, electronic whiteboards, television projectors, home theaters, and other systems. Mainly for small entertainment venues such as karaoke, blowing songs, gatherings, auditoriums, and little bees.

There are more lighting equipment, better touch vocal control, and professional audio equipment with strict prices. We have joined the KTV audio system consisting of a song ordering system and audio-visual equipment, which has sufficient power.

wireless mic

Equipped with dedicated hosting and display devices, hosts and producers can directly participate in informal meetings. Hosts can easily utilize the reverb KTV live scene to create unparalleled audio-visual effects.

The required decoration costs are customized with one click from the podium and wall, tailored according to customer needs. In short, the service platform is larger and there are more materials available.

Rental microphones, stage lighting, customized conference DJ sound cards and niche sound cards, and hardware equipment configuration in each live broadcast room suitable for various consumer categories.

The installation and printing of different media effects on the site, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the architectural acoustic platform, are not open to the public on the surface, but the quality and product quality remain unchanged.

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The office is the core area of a company's office, where staff and clients work together to create a modern office environment. The company has advanced production equipment, which can provide customers with a good office environment and create unique products and services.

75 work areas must be selected and tasks must be received locally. Through big data analysis and screening, the Newman WM10 adopts true diversity dual channel automatic signal selection and reception technology, supporting 132mm audio digital mixers for flexible debugging in remote control space.

Professional audio cable array/column speaker, professional power amplifier/effector, karaoke speaker, professional wired/wireless mic

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