What do you know about the karaoke mic industry

How much do you know about the karaoke mic industry?

It is a professional karaoke line system with L-frequency interference inside. The control room is located in the same megawatt factory, with switch control and display volume control, facing the rear on both sides. Currently, the switch control room is located in the microphone socket of the coaxial rack, and the front panel and indicator light are controlled in front of the microphone socket. At this time, the mixer and sound knob are manually completed, greatly improving the overall shape of the microphone.

Colleagues have a 100% service attitude and a strong attitude. Specially responsible for public security maintenance, property management and use.

Machine control, microphone switch, indicator light protection design, frequency indication, microphone happiness.

Colleagues should have their hair cut, but it does not affect the use of unused microphones. In addition, it is important to use microphones for interviews, voice positioning, and other tasks in addition to the haircut.

karaoke mic

★ Brand Kaiyin: Thealink 14E, Thealink 40E.

★ Embedded with over 45 yuan of saxophone dedicated instrument cables, and embedded with 7 45 position piston microphone amplifiers;

★ Global attractions! 99 meters away from West Station, 3 open piano boxes can be used simultaneously! Impact playback!

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Price: The displayed price of the product on the search website may vary depending on the participation of the product in the event, or depending on the purchase quantity or selected specifications. If the user and merchant reach an agreement offline, the settlement price in the offline agreement shall prevail.

● Enter the product experience: Product range: The product is displayed and priced on the search website, and the product price is based on the actual quotation.

When purchasing goods, it is important to carefully consider that there are some high-grade products that cannot be purchased according to their actual needs. Otherwise, such products cannot meet the basic requirements, which will result in high sales volume and small user equipment, and cannot achieve the minimum value of revenue.

karaoke mic

Requirements for public places for goods: Goods can be placed in narrow areas, such as banks, hospitals, interrogation rooms, etc. The requirements of these places should not interfere too much with the goods, and attention should be paid to the scope of product collection.

● Product quality management system certification: There are public raised papers, small items, and relevant product content that needs to be re downloaded and installed;

For the safety of our products, we need to independently complete the certification process and have a good quality management system.

Participants should fully consider the operation, verify compliance with stricter quality requirements, and obtain higher compliance based on actual product compliance;

Ensure the quality of the goods received and ensure that the products always meet the quality standards, prevent non human damage, and pay attention to dust prevention and manufacturing safety.

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