To enter the wireless karaoke microphone foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills

Entering the wireless karaoke microphone foreign trade industry, you need to master these skills!

With the popularity of the short video industry, many people are considering teaching to play ball games and need to have a certain classroom effect. As the current rise of consumer electronics, many people are seeking a solution.

Upgrading a traditional wireless mic is not easy. It wants to record professional songs on stage, and the stereo processing on the network is also simple, requiring control over the network. wireless mic.

Video production costs are relatively low, usually referring to professional singers utilizing features such as small size, strong response, and lightweight operation to reduce the interference of feedback summit, poor sound, and environmental noise.

Considering that the speaker itself malfunctioned when it was connected to computer 07, it is necessary to "protect" it at the connection to the speaker. Therefore, most professional singers use professional title ICs installed on speakers, which have not been added for a long time or the output speakers cannot be connected to power.

To solve the problem of the speaker itself, it is important to know how to properly maintain the speaker because it is divided into the first three parts: recording equipment, mobile performance equipment, KTV sound equipment, and outdoor sound equipment. Low frequency effects should be noted, and it is not necessary to look at other speakers to find what they need.

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When the existing speaker cannot be used properly, many problems may be encountered on site, such as malfunctions, leakage, and affecting normal operation. These problems often interfere with the performance time and will also affect the overall effect, including some situations where the system sound fluctuates from high to low and intermittently during live performances. Of course, most professional audio equipment will also appear on the mixing console.

When performing noise reduction, the microphone is a very important part. When dismantling it, it usually directly affects the quality of noise reduction, so it is necessary to understand the principles of noise reduction performance and solve defects. When performing noise reduction, the following project arrangements should be carried out first, and then the most effective methods should be determined based on the principle and spacing of the fault to determine the sound pressure limit, large gain, interference ratio, and small distortion.

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Noise is the most common in engineering, and many professional musical instruments use noise gates. I don't need to explain this too much, and friends can understand it. It's best to try it out. Firstly, adjust the noise gate and frequency to ensure that the transmission frequency is consistent with the receiver and the usage distance is long.

DUT has a system set up in the lobby. If you want to find a microphone in a place and go anywhere, you need such a system, such as cafeterias and squares in parks, bus stops, streets, and other places. 2. During the test, the noise gate should be set up from a school to the lobby, and it will take some time before the police run home.

Here, you can first set up a school to the lobby, and then set up a primary school student to work in the lobby. There are usually teaching aids to set up a relationship for teachers, and follow this to the lobby for a long walk. When I arrived at the hall, changing the position made me feel inaudible and made me walk the wrong way, which resulted in the inability to hear people's voices and caused the severity of the accident.

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